Three Rex

Monday, February 8, 2021

Over the weekend, we had a small party to celebrate Natalie turning 3! This girl has become completely dinosaur obsessed this year, so I knew a “three-rex” party would have her over the moon! She was the most excited little girl when she saw all her balloons and beloved dinos, and it was seriously the best!

Because the party was so small, I kept the decor and dessert table very simple this year. We just did store-bought cake and cupcakes (which were actually delicious and turned out adorable) and I made some green T-Rex Rice Krispie treats. For lunch we had burgers and Brian’s famous mac’n’cheese. Everything was simple, and perfect, and kept it much easier on me and my very pregnant self!

I seriously cannot believe my tiny peanut will be 3 tomorrow! We have a fun day planned for her, and then over the weekend she will become a big sister! Let the chaos begin!


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