2 Months With Baylee!

Monday, September 15, 2014

It's baby girl's 2 month birthday today! How time is flying! This has been such a fun month watching her grow and change from a quiet little newborn that didn't do a whole lot into an infant who is a little mover and shaker and loves to be heard!

The best milestone so far has definitely got to be that gummy grin of hers! She went through a crazy (and tough) growth spurt one week and the next thing I knew the growth spurt was over and she was greeting me with smiles of all kinds! The best is when she wakes up in the morning and I go pick her up...the minute she realizes Mommy has her she smiles so big that I think her little cheeks will pop! Best part of motherhood yet! :)

Baylee went on her first road trip this month. We drove all the way to Paso Robles, CA so that she could meet her Great Grandpa and Aunts on my Dad's side! It was definitely a learning experience about how much work traveling with an infant is, but I'm very glad everyone got to meet her while she is still so tiny and new! We also got to go to the zoo that we went to every time we would visit my grandparents when I was a little girl, so it was pretty neat to be there with my little girl!

Of course, Baylee has also had her first two Disney trips! I have to say, I was a little nervous to take her so young, but as usual, Disney did it again...never ceasing to amaze me with their guest amenities! I am so very impressed with their baby center! There's places to nurse and pump, high chairs, changing tables, you name it! Baylee has done so great so far...she loves being pushed in her stroller, and sleeps most of the time, but when we get her out to go on kiddie rides she loooves all the colors and music! I knew she'd be a Disney girl at birth! 

She amazes me every day with how big she's getting! Her head control is so much better now...it won't be long before she's holding it up all by herself! Oh, and boy does this chick wish she could crawl! She gets so mad during tummy time because she wants to scoot sooooooo bad! This mama is definitely not ready for that...you better slow it down little one! ;)

 She's started to take naps in her crib, but still sleeps in her pack'n'play next to me at night. I'm not sure if it's her or me that's not quite ready for her to be in her crib overnight. ;) We haven't had a doctors appointment for a few weeks, but she feels like she weighs around 11 or 12 pounds now and is in her 3 month clothes. It was such a sad day for me to pack away all her newborn stuff! Not surprising though, since she eats like a little moose!

It's been a blast watching her little personality develop this month! She is a sweet, cuddly baby, but is not patient by any means! When she wants something, she wants it yesterday, (just like her mama as daddy says hehehe) and she makes sure you know that! The plus side is that, most of the time, she's pretty easily soothed. She's an all around good baby so far, which I'm so thankful for! <3