Leap Day Love List

Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day everyone! And Happy Birthday to all you "Leaplings" out there! I always thought that February 29th would be such a cool birthday. :)

 Let's start off this official first day of Leap Year with a Love List.

So, if you follow me on IG (@mrs_tibbetts) you saw my yummy iced tea post yesterday. As I mentioned in the last post, I gave up coffee for Lent which has left me tea obsessed! I'm dying to try this recipe for copycat Olive Garden Peach Tea. Peach tea is my absolute fav!

This week I will break out all the green St. Patrick's Day decor, and I'm so excited! As, always, Target has some great, inexpensive decor like this shamrock wreath for only $6.00. I wish their online site sold One Spot merchandise, because the green pom garland I got there is perf. I can't wait to hang it. I'm still debating on what to make for dessert for St. Patty's but I think I might try my hand at this mint puppy chow (aka muddy buddies). It looks delish!

I found two new companies that I am recently drooling over for kids clothes and toys. June and January has the best basic pieces in the most beautiful colors. They are launching a play dress on March 11th and I am literally counting the days until I can order one for Bay! I love the tank jumper also, and they have headbands and blankets that come in coordinating colors. Perfect for baby shower gifts! :) P.S. They have free shipping today only with code: LEAPDAY.

The other company I'm lovin' is Blabla Kids. They make all kinds of cute heirloom toys, bedding, and decor, but what I love most is their knit dolls! They're handmade and totally adorable. I think Baylee may be getting Belle the Dog for her birthday this year. :)

Speaking of my little gremlin... Oh, I love her so, but she has been testing my patience lately. It's a good thing she's so cute! 

She actually has been letting me try new things with her hair though, so I've been having fun with it as it gets longer and thicker. She pulls it out as soon as she gets in the car to go anywhere, but win some lose some. 

Braids and curls. I was so meant to be a girl mom.
  Heart eyes!

Lastly, my 30th birthday is in 5 days! Oh-em-gee! Let the birthday week festivities begin! You still get that when you're 30, right? ;)

Until next time! XoXoXo 

Today With Bay!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

7:15 Good Morning Sunshine!

Baylee usually wakes up around 8:00-8:30, but for the past week she's been up by 7:00 no matter what time we put her to bed. The little brown dog (who finally got groomed!) agrees with me that this is entirely too early!


7:30 Tea Time!

I made my tea, (I gave up coffee for Lent! I know...I'm brave.) and was stressing about all the cleaning and errands that needed to get done. Then, my tea bag reminded me to slow down. So, I decided to have a breakfast picnic with kiddo instead of starting the day with a To-Do list. :)

8:00 Breakfast Picnic

Baylee loved our picnic and ate every single bite on her plate which never happens! Win!

8:30 Mickey Mouse on the arm of the couch. (Baylee's new spot.) 

9:00 Finger Painting

For Christmas, Baylee got some Crayola Color Wonder finger paints, and I freaking love them! The paint is clear and only appears on the special "Color Wonder" paper. She loves to get a finger full and then see what color appears. This activity kept her busy for a half an hour, people. A half. an. hour! (Double win!)

9:30 Milk and Ariel

While we were cleaning up from painting, Baylee asked for "Meeeelk and Awee-ol". Can't say "no" to that! 

10:00 Protein Shake

While Baylee watched her movie, I made myself a protein shake. I threw a banana in with it and it tasted like dessert! Bay, of course, was trying to thief some the whole time I drank it.

10:30 Nap time! 

Early rising means early napping! I layed down to shut my eyes for a few minutes after I put Baylee in her crib, and then woke up two hours later to her making noise on the monitor at 12:45! So much for a productive nap time! Although, I guess naps can be productive too...

1:15 Lunch time!

Lunch today was turkey, pasta salad, bananas, and cottage cheese served in a muffin tin. Try it toddler mamas...I promise your kid will love it!

2:00 Get ready! 

After lunch we got ready to go run errands, but first we took a matching top knot us-ie. :)

2:30 Shop 'til we drop!

We went to Hobby Lobby and a few other stores, and had so much fun! Baylee was such a good girl the whole time. She insisted on carrying my shopping bags to the car after each store...even if they were as heavy as her! Such a good little helper! It must have pooped her out though, because she knocked out in the car on the way home.

4:30 Snack! 

Snack today was yummy peach greek yogurt. Baylee kept clinking her water bottle with the yogurt cup and saying "cheers" because I taught her to do that with her tea set. It's freaking adorable. :) Not so adorable was her spitting water all over her shirt prompting the third outfit change of the day!

5:00 Outside play!

5:45 Dinner! 

Dinner tonight was leftover creamy chicken (chicken in the crock pot with some cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup) and broccoli. I also let Baylee have the last muffin. I'm so nice. 

6:00 Holy Cannoli!

After dinner, Baylee and I split a cannoli from the local Italian market for dessert. She had never had one before, so I was curious to see what she would think, and she ate almost her whole half! Such an Italian girl! Mama is proud.

6:15 Scrub-a-dub in the tub! 

6:45 Milk and snuggles!

My favorite. :)

7:45 Teeth brushing!

8:00 Story time and lights out! 

And now, like every night, I'm at my desk blogging and thinking about how much I miss my little bestie. :)

Until next time! XoXoXo

Baylee the Animal Lover!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Baylee was in Heaven last weekend, because she got to go on two outings to see her favorite things ever...animals. As a child, I was obsessed with all kinds of animals; like, to the point of being annoying. (I was that kid who could tell you random facts about animals all. day. long. Sorry, Mom! ;) ) So, I think Baylee picked up that "animal lover" gene, because nothing makes her happier than seeing and petting all different kinds of animals. :)

Last Friday, we went to the local wild animal rescue. They specialize in big cats, but they also have alligators, turtles, llamas and other farm animals, and birds of prey. Baylee had a blast checking out each animal and telling me what noise they make. Her favorite were the goats and pigs, so I think we may need to be making another visit to the farm soon!

Knowing we were going to see some beautiful lions and tigers, it was the perfect excuse for Baylee to wear her new lion cub tee from Old Navy that her Mimi got for her. She's determined to make Baylee lion obsessed just like she is. :) She looked adorable, and many tears were shed when it was time to go home. 

On Monday, we met up with my sister-in-law, Jenny, and my niece Adalyn and went to the aquarium. It was Baylee's first time, and I knew she would like it, but I wasn't expecting for her to be as thrilled as she was! She loved seeing all the "pish" (fish) and the touch pools were her absolute favorite. She is fearless, and had no problem petting sharks, rays, starfish, and a sea anemone. We found a tank with a bunch of clown fish and she was so stoked that she found "Memo!" (Nemo) Ahhh, gotta love my Disney girl. (Notice the Little Mermaid shirt, because...duh!)  :) 

I hope her love of animals stays with her for her whole life. It's a precious gift to be able to find so much appreciation for God's creatures. :)

Until next time! XoXoXo