Today With Bay!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Well, we had quite an eventful Monday over here in the Tibbetts' house. (At least from a SAHM perspective ;) ) Here is our day in pictures for September.

8:00 Baylee is still asleep! Yesssss!

I get to enjoy a candle, some coffee, and some homemade pumpkin muffins before the craziness begins!

8:15 The child bellows.

She keeps getting her arm through the neck hole of her sleep sack and it makes the poor kid so uncomfortable. At least she woke up in a good mood, though!

8:30 Breakfast of champions.

I lost one of my pumpkin muffins to the babe and added some yummy blue berries. She ate every last bite!

9:00 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in a laundry basket.

Really...what could be better?

9:30 Starbs Run.

I needed iced green tea in my life stat. The only bad thing about summer ending is no more peach or mango syrup, so I opted for raspberry instead.

9:40 Walk around the park.

We had some cooler weather this morning, so we took a nice, long walk around the park. Baylee had a lot more fun than her face portrays. LoL And yes, my kid is still in her PJs...don't judge!

11:00 Snack time!

Apples and peanut butter never fail! Baylee also followed it up with 8 oz of milk.

11:15 Playtime!

We snuggled stuffed animals and made a complete mess of the family room. :)

11:45 Mommy cuts her finger.

Trying to shove the trash bag in our outside trash can, I sliced my finger open on the lid of an aluminum can. My brain instantly blamed Brian for forgetting to bring the trash to the curb this week, thus resulting in their fullness. After bleeding all over the house, I plopped Baylee down on the bathroom floor and nursed myself as she unraveled and tore up toilet paper...EVERYWHERE. It must be nap time.

12:00 Nap time. Finally.

After putting Baylee down, I had every intention of getting some cleaning done. I decided that I was way too offended by my hurt finger to clean, so I followed Stella's lead and took a short nap instead.

1:30 Why are you awake?

This beast always takes at least a 2 to 3 hour nap, but an hour and a half in today this kid woke up bawling her eyes out. She had done the whole arm through neck hole thing again, and also had managed to throw all her pacifiers on the floor, so she was mad that she didn't have one to put in her mouth. Where's the annoyed emoji when you need one? 

2:00 Lunch.

Thank goodness kiddo loves food, because lunch put her in a much better mood. We both gobbled some brown rice and chicken and veggie stir fry.

2:30 No work. All play.

I debated on an outing, but decided that I wasn't up for doing my makeup today. So, we played instead. Baylee has gotten quite good at her yoga these days.

4:00 Sensory play prep.

I cook. Baylee swiffers. We both win. ;)

4:30 Sensory play!

I've been trying to get some sensory play in at least 2 or 3 times a week for Baylee, so today we played with orange and purple spaghetti in the tub. (You know I had to make it Halloween colors!) All you do is add food coloring to the water while the pasta is boiling...super fun and easy!

5:00 Snack attack.

Sometimes I think all Baylee and I do is eat. ;)

5:15 All grumped out.

After snack, short nap caught up to her, so we cuddled on the couch and watched Tinkerbell for some quiet time.

6:00 Dinner!

We had leftover tortilla soup and it tasted even better than it did last night! 

6:30 Rub a dub dub!

Still my favorite time of the day! Bay is always happiest in the tub...or any kind of water for that matter.

7:00 Movie and a baba. 

What was that I said about bottle weaning? Ha.

7:30 Goodnight, Brown Bear.

We read "Brown Bear", Baylee's favorite book, and then went to bed a little early tonight. And, as usual, I already miss her so!

Until next time! XoXoXo

Friday Favorites: Feeding the Babe!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy Fri-yay everyone! We have had quite a week over here dealing with sicknesses and doctors appointments, thank goodness for my sister who stayed with us almost all week to help! (Love you, Nic!) We are very happy to have Daddy home for the weekend and nothing crazy planned. :) 

For this weeks Friday Favorites, I decided to take some pictures of Baylee's breakfasts and lunches to give those of you with toddlers some new meal ideas. For dinner, Baylee eats whatever we eat, so no need to be creative there, but I often have a protein shake for breakfast and lunch (when I haven't fallen off the diet wagon lol) so I have to feed her something different. Comment, and let me know what your favorite tot meals are for breakfast and lunch!

For breakfast:

Banana yogurt and apple muffins.
 We usually eat greek yogurt for the protein, and the recipe for my apple muffins is here.

Blueberries and oatmeal.
Baylee loves fruit of all kinds, but blueberries are her favorite. Sometimes I make regular oatmeal for us, but for a quick meal we get these Gerber Breakfast Buddies. They heat up in 20 seconds and are healthy and delicious!

Bananas and waffles. 
Baylee recently started liking bananas again after a few months of fighting them, so I'm really happy about that. We love Eggo's whole wheat toaster waffles, and sometimes I even spread a little peanut butter on one before I cut it up just for some added yum!

Wheat toast with peanut butter and apples.
Simple and easy...this one is always a winner in Baylee's book. It takes a while to cut up the apple in to small enough chunks, but she loves it so much. 

For lunch:

Dino nuggets, string cheese, and frozen peas.
We are big dino nugget fans in this house! They're quick to heat up and so freaking yummy. Baylee's frozen pea obsession started about four months ago when a friend of mine suggested it, and she's been hooked ever since. I love that I can just plop them down with no hassle, and she literally will eat every pea I serve her!

Mini tuna sandwiches, frozen peas, and apples. 
I have professed my love for mini cookie cutters before, and here is another reason why! You can make sandwiches tiny enough for chubby toddler hands! Heart eyes! We also have peanut butter and jelly sometimes too, but this particular day tuna was on the menu.

Grilled chicken, brown rice, and broccoli.
Sometimes I make more food for dinner than I know we will eat, that way we can eat it for lunch the next day. Chicken and rice night is always perfect for that because sometimes it tastes even better as leftovers.

Deli turkey, green beans, and sweet potato tots.
Turkey is Baylee's fav lunch food without a doubt. We get the low sodium kind from Target, because I know sodium intake is something you have to watch with toddlers. Sweet potato tots have become a staple in our house. Brian and I never liked them before, but ever since we got them as a healthier alternative for Baylee, we have been obsessed. Call me crazy, but I would choose them over regular potato tots or fries now! Woah. 

Hope this helps give you mamas some ideas if you're stumped from feeding your babe the same old thing all the time. I really enjoy changing up Baylee's menu so she's getting a lot of flavors and trying new things often. This kid sure loves to eat! 

Oh, and the pretty plated food was just for pictures sake, by the way. I cannot serve Baylee anything in a bowl or on a plate or else it ends up on the floor. Boo. Any suggestions on how to get her on the plate train with the rest of us? ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time! XoXoXo

Doing Disney With a Baby!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

At only 14 months old, Baylee has been to Disneyland around 30 times...she has no clue how spoiled she is! I love that I have the ability to be a "Disney Mom" and take her so often, but it doesn't come without it's challenges for sure. That being said, here are some of my tips for all the Mamas brave enough to tackle the California Disney Parks with a baby. :)

1. Baby Center. Do it. Know it. Love it. There are two locations: one in Disneyland on Main Street, and one in California Adventure behind Ghiradelli. In these little Mommy Havens you will find areas for private breast feeding and pumping, high chairs, microwaves, changing tables with protective paper, tiny potties for potty trainers, and diapers, formula, etc. for sale. Bless you Disney! I can't even tell you how much time I have spend in these wonderfully air conditioned buildings, especially in the early days when I was an exclusive pumper who needed to pump every 2 hours. Once Baylee was on formula, I would visit to warm up her bottle and just have a nice, quiet place to feed her. Oh, and the ladies that work there are the sweetest gals ever.

2. Your Stroller is Everything. I see these awesome moms blasting through the parks with nothing but a backpack and an umbrella stroller, and how I envy them so! I just can't. I'm a typical Girl Scout Mom who has to make sure I have everything with me to be prepared. (Except for a recent trip where I managed to forget sunscreen, Baylee's lunchbox, and only brought 2 diapers...tragedy!) I love our stroller because it has drink holders and a huuuuge undercarriage that I can shove all our stuff in. It also has a nice sunshade and reclines all the way back for nap time...which is a necessity if you're busting out an all day trip. For comfort purposes, I highly suggest finding a stroller thats big, yet maneuverable.

3. Pack That Diaper Bag. When we go to the Parks, this is what I (usually) pack, for baby: a diaper for every hour that we will be there, wipes, 2 changes of clothes, sunscreen, toys that can attach to the stroller straps, snacks, a jacket, and hand sanitizer. For Mom: ponytail holders, lip gloss, a brush, snacks, sunglasses, a jacket, and a portable phone charger.

4. Pack a Small Cooler. Another reason I love Disney so is that they let you bring in small coolers. Disney food is expensive, especially when your brand new eater gets most of her food on the ground instead of in her mouth. I pack a lunchbox size cooler with ice packs and usually bring Baylee some turkey, peas, yogurt, string cheese and applesauce. I also use it to pack a bottle of milk so that I don't have to buy one. If you forget to pack a lunch, or don't have a chance to, most of the restaurants offer a "Toddler Meal" option for under $5.00. It's usually either chicken and rice or macaroni and cheese and also comes with an applesauce and a kids drink. 

5. Bring a Towel or Thin Blanket. I have one of those kids who hates the sun in her face, especially when she's sleeping so I always make sure that I have a towel or blanket to throw over the sunshade of her stroller to give her extra shade. It always helps her take a longer nap, and has come in handy during impromptu visits to the puddle park in A Bug's Land!

6. Bring a Wrap or Carrier. Before she got too big, I used to love to wear Baylee around Disneyland. (So did Brian!) It gave her a chance to see all the sights from higher up, and is perfect for those long lines. Also, there were quite a few times when Baylee would knock out in her carrier, so Brian and I would park the stroller and use it as a perfect time to shop on Main Street.

7. Download the Disneyland App. About a month ago Disney launched a new app, and it's super awesome and useful. It gives you all the wait times for rides and restaurants, tells you where you can find your favorite characters, and you can even load your annual pass on to it so you're not having to fumble through your bag trying to find your pass when you go from park to park. This information becomes invaluable with you have a baby with you,'s free!

8. Find Our Favorite Places! When your baby is tiny, you can pretty much go anywhere you want and they will be entertained, but now that I have a hyper toddler, we have had to find some places where she can get out of the stroller and blow off some steam! We love the Disney Junior show in California Adventure. She watches the Disney Channel almost every morning, so she recognizes the characters and loves to dance and point to everything. Also, now that she's a walker, I let her run around the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. If you take your little, you have to be careful they don't get trampled by the bigger kids, but Baylee loves it. In Disneyland, we love to go on the Mark Twain Riverboat. On the second level, there is a huge stage area where she can toddle around and be her silly self. We also love the Thunder Mountain Ranch where Baylee can pet her beloved goats "doooogs", and are so sad that it will be closing in January! Make sure you check it out before it's gone forever...we will be having many visits between now and then.

This girl and Disney are already like PB&J...and I wouldn't have it any other way! Let me know if you have any other tips to add or any questions I can answer! :)

Until next time! XoXoXo

Under the Weather and a Happy List!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Sorry the blog has been quiet all week. We had a phone mishap on Monday (my phone committed suicide out of the stroller...twice), so I was left phone-less until Wednesday evening. So, that paired with my poor Baylee-boo having a cold meant no blogging for this Mama. So, how do we end a week of unfortunate events? With a happy list of course!

1. This Kodiak Cakes pancake and waffle mix was a great Target find for me! All you have to mix with it is water and it makes delicious pancakes that have 14 grams of protein per serving. It really helps the guilt of "OMG I just ate 6 pancakes" go away! Plus, I know it's hard for tots to get their protein sometimes, so I love making them for Baylee.

2. I am obsessed with red buffalo plaid for this fall and winter! I need this hoodie in my life as soon as cold weather finally hits. I also have a huge blanket/throw obsession, so this buffalo plaid throw is definitely on my Christmas list this year. I'm seriously hoping once Victoria's Secret releases their holiday pajamas that they have some buffalo plaid ones this year...need!

3. Speaking of cute Christmas PJ's, Carter's put some amazingly cute clothes in their Holiday Shop already! Um, I freaking cant wait to get some of these pajamas and outfits on Baylee...hurry up November 27th! ;)

4. My new favorite store to shop for Baylee is Crazy 8. I stumbled in one of their stores at my local mall and absolutely fell in love with their cute toddler and kids clothes, and you really can't beat the prices. They are a branch off of Gymboree, so everything is quality, and the sales they have are ridiculous. I got Baylee an entire outfit for under $10! Boom.

5. What September happy list would be complete without something pumpkin? The pumpkin line of 3-wick candles at Bath and Body works smell absolutely Heavenly and right now they are 2 for $24! Pumpkin cupcake seriously smells good enough to eat! :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...stay well! ;) I leave you with a picture of my sleeping sicky-poo. Probably the sweetest sight ever...

Until next time! XoXoXo

Happy Birthday Brian!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Wednesday, September 2nd was my hubby's 27th birthday! He had to work and go to school in the afternoon that day, though so we started the festivities by going out to breakfast. (We normally do "birthday weeks" in my family anyway so it worked. Haha.) We went to a cute little diner called Molly Brown's where the food was truck driver sized and the waitress kept calling everyone "Babe"...gotta love it! I wish I had gotten a picture of the ridiculous amount of food we got, but I was way too hungry to wait. So fat...I know. ;) We had a good time, but the morning went entirely too fast and before I knew it Brian was off to work. (We ended up being able to have a quick dinner with him in between work and school, though, so yay!)

We decided to have a small party at our house this weekend. We also decided to have a huge yard sale, so I'm pretty positive that I'm officially crazy. It was a little bit of a thrown together party, but hey! Good food, family, and friends...what more does a guy really need? :) We stuck to Mexican food since it would be quick and easy. I made shredded chicken in the crock pot and we BBQed carne asada. Yum! And, of course, there were chips and guac. Heaven.

I missed taking a pic of my tacos, but I assure you they were delicious. I also made some bomb strawberry peach sangria! Any excuse to use my mason jar drink despenser. (Insert heart eye emoji here!)

The boys were busy in the backyard tinkering with the boat and doing manly things (???) so us girls hung out inside and played with the kiddos. I got to see my precious niece who is growing way too fast, so my day was obviously made. Baylee and Adalyn are just starting to really notice each other, and it's so cute. Addy is all smiles when she watches Bay, and Baylee loves to give Addy kisses and "sahhhh" (soft) pats on her arm.

Love these two more than they will ever know!

Per Brian's request we had chocolate Oreo cake (you can get them at any Albertsons and they're pretty incredible for store bought cake) with mint chip and neopolitan ice cream for dessert. Then, the guys headed outside with their whiskey on the rocks for a fire pit and more man time. Brian was drunk as a skunk happy as a clam. :) He really enjoyed his special day!

Happiest of birthdays to you my forever love, and many, many more! Baylee and I are so blessed to have you as our main guy. 27 has never looked so handsome. :)

Until next time...XoXoXo.