Happy Birthday Brian!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Wednesday, September 2nd was my hubby's 27th birthday! He had to work and go to school in the afternoon that day, though so we started the festivities by going out to breakfast. (We normally do "birthday weeks" in my family anyway so it worked. Haha.) We went to a cute little diner called Molly Brown's where the food was truck driver sized and the waitress kept calling everyone "Babe"...gotta love it! I wish I had gotten a picture of the ridiculous amount of food we got, but I was way too hungry to wait. So fat...I know. ;) We had a good time, but the morning went entirely too fast and before I knew it Brian was off to work. (We ended up being able to have a quick dinner with him in between work and school, though, so yay!)

We decided to have a small party at our house this weekend. We also decided to have a huge yard sale, so I'm pretty positive that I'm officially crazy. It was a little bit of a thrown together party, but hey! Good food, family, and friends...what more does a guy really need? :) We stuck to Mexican food since it would be quick and easy. I made shredded chicken in the crock pot and we BBQed carne asada. Yum! And, of course, there were chips and guac. Heaven.

I missed taking a pic of my tacos, but I assure you they were delicious. I also made some bomb strawberry peach sangria! Any excuse to use my mason jar drink despenser. (Insert heart eye emoji here!)

The boys were busy in the backyard tinkering with the boat and doing manly things (???) so us girls hung out inside and played with the kiddos. I got to see my precious niece who is growing way too fast, so my day was obviously made. Baylee and Adalyn are just starting to really notice each other, and it's so cute. Addy is all smiles when she watches Bay, and Baylee loves to give Addy kisses and "sahhhh" (soft) pats on her arm.

Love these two more than they will ever know!

Per Brian's request we had chocolate Oreo cake (you can get them at any Albertsons and they're pretty incredible for store bought cake) with mint chip and neopolitan ice cream for dessert. Then, the guys headed outside with their whiskey on the rocks for a fire pit and more man time. Brian was drunk as a skunk happy as a clam. :) He really enjoyed his special day!

Happiest of birthdays to you my forever love, and many, many more! Baylee and I are so blessed to have you as our main guy. 27 has never looked so handsome. :)

Until next time...XoXoXo.

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