24 Week Bump-date!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful day spent with family and friends...I know I did! :) We went to Disney on Ice and then had dinner at Fred's in Huntington Beach! I was in preggo Heaven! (This week's bump pic was taken at Huntington by my lovely little sisters!) I've been cooped up at home quite a bit, so it was really nice to get out of the house and do something low key and fun. Brian and I definitely had a very relaxing weekend that was much needed! 

How far along: 24 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: Steady at 18 pounds, so no weight gain this week! Eat that Dr. "Know-It-All"!!! lol
Stretch marks: Nope
Belly button in or out: It's like 85% outie now...I mean seriously...just pop out already! 
Sleep: Sleeping good, but waking up often during the night. And woah...weeeeeird and super vivid dreams lately!
Best moment this week: Disney on Ice was SOOO fun! I could tell when baby liked a song cuz she would start moving and kicking like crazy! She's totally going to be my little Disney girl! :)
Worst moment this week: Baby's new game of kick Mommy in the ribs and lungs is starting to get a little more painful than funny as she gets bigger and stronger. She hangs out on the right side and just does a number on any body parts within her reach! Ouch!
Miss anything: Beergaritas. Tequila in general. Oh, and I would loooove an iced coffee!
Movement: Oh yeah! She's kicking up a storm as I type this! She's such an active little thing!
Cravings: Cereal, milk, bananas, apples, and peanut butter. Sweets still sound good, but I'm really not craving them as much now. 
Anything make you queasy or sick: Nope!
Looking forward to: Maternity pics next weekend! I am soooo excited!
Weekly Wisdom: Don't let comments about whether you "look big" or "look small" get you down. All pregnant women are different and their bumps grow at different rates and sizes. You are just right! :)

23 Week Bump-date!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The nursery is coming along great and I am sooo in love with it! You can see the finished wall in my bump pic. I am so thankful for all the hard work Brian has put into his little girl's room! It's absolutely adorable to watch him want everything to be perfect. :) All we have left to do is curtains, set up the furniture, and then a few decor additions. Hopefully in the next blog post I will be able to post some pics with the furniture we have all set up! Wow...this is making it sooo real!

How far along: 23 weeks
Gender: Girl 

Weight gain: 18 pounds...oops. Doc totally reamed me for gaining weight too fast. :/ Ohhhh preggo problems...
Stretch marks: Nope
Maternity clothes: yes...I think I can pretty much take this question out now! lol

Belly button in or out: It won't decide! The top is fully pushed out but the bottom is still flat!
Sleep: Still getting pretty good sleep with bouts of insomnia and definitely uncomfortable.
Best moment this week: Getting to float in the pool was sooooo nice. It was nice to have a weightless belly even for a few minutes. :)
Worst moment this week: Nosebleeds and congestion are at an all time high...its rare that I breathe normal these days. *sigh*
Miss anything: I've been wanting a beer pretty bad...a corona with lime poolside sounds oh, so wonderful!
Movement: Little Miss is quite the dancer! I love feeling her all day long...it makes me a happy Mommy!
Cravings: Cereal, milk, fruit...nothing really unusual this week. 
Anything make you queasy or sick: Nope!
Looking forward to: Spending time with family for Easter this weekend!
Weekly Wisdom: Stay away from google...enough said.

22 Week Bump-date!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

We finally got started on the nursery this weekend and I love, love, love how it's turning out! My bump pic is a sneak peek at how the walls are coming along. We also got chair rail and painted it chocolate brown to put at the top of the pink, so when that's up it's going to look sooo adorable! I promise that as soon as we have that and some more of the furniture set up then I will post some progress pictures. It feels so weird to have a nursery in my house and to know that in just a few months it will be my daughter's bedroom where she will spend the first couple of years of her life! Being preggo certainly makes you a big sap! ;) But I love it!

How far along: 22 weeks
Gender: Girl 

Weight gain: 14 lbs...I'm gaining two pounds a week now. I blame my roomie Amber for encouraging my sweet tooth! (j/k girlie...i <3 you!)
Maternity clothes: yes

Stretch marks: Nope
Belly button in or out: Still flat like a pancake!
Sleep: Sleeping well but sometimes getting to sleep is a challenge. The heavier my belly gets the more uncomfortable I am. 
Best moment this week: Hubby painting little girl's walls pink was the sweetest thing I've ever seen. He's going to be an adorable daddy!
Worst moment this week: Had some bad sciatica yesterday after doing too much...limping around Home Depot was no bueno. :(
Miss anything: I love my bump, but as bikini season draws near I'm quickly coming to the realization of what a whale I'm going to be this summer...*sigh*
Movement: Oh yeah! I feel her at random times all day long and it never gets old. She already makes me so happy with her little kicks and hiccups!
Cravings: Cereal, milk, fruit, icees/slurpees, and lately I've been wanting red meat...which is funny because that's what was making me sick my whole first trimester! Go figure!
Anything make you queasy or sick: Nope!
Looking forward to: Our maternity pictures are in 3 weeks! I can't wait to see Jenelle
Weekly Wisdom: Big grocery trips are your friend when you're preggo! Having a large assortment of food to choose from in the house has kept me happy and full and prevents me from eating too much crap food!