Baylee's Pirate Parrrr-ty!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

About 5 months ago, Baylee and I were pretending to sword fight with some swirly straws (you know everyday happenings in the Tibbetts' house) and she gasped and said, "Mama! I want a pirate party for my 5-year-old birthday!" Of course I was stoked and immediately started buying all the pirate flags! ;) So, yesterday we finally got to have her long-awaited pirate party, and it was the best day! 

As per the usual, I went all out with a themed dessert table. I kept the rest of the decor simple, though, which I thought worked out so well! Not pictured were the "tattoo parlor" where we did temporary tattoos for all the little scallywags, and the "pick yer poison" station for our adult buccaneers. ;) 

With Baylee's birthday being in the middle of July, it's always crazy hot at her parties. So, this year, we let the kids cool off with a bounce house water slide, and they had a BLAST! Seriously, I barely saw my own child the entire party because she was so busy having the time of her life with all her best friends and cousins! 

The little ones also had a blast getting dressed up and playing with their own little pirate kiddie pool!

We went simple with food, and decided to BBQ hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner with classic sides. We got our cake from our usual Target bakery, but there must have been something lost in the communication of what I wanted because it turned out an epic fail! was hideous. We just laughed it off, though, and I cut and served it as quick as I could!

After cake, we let the kiddos hit a pinata and play in the water slide some more. As they left, each one was sent home with a bag of Pirate's Booty and a cannon ball cup!  

It was so fun to spend time with our family and friends; I only wish we had stopped to get a family picture! I'll never forget what a special day it was for Baylee, though! 
One last happy birthday to you, my love. 
I hope 5 is your best year yet! :)

Happy 5th Birthday, Baylee!

Monday, July 15, 2019


My big girl is 5! This has been such a fun year watching Baylee grow and really become her own little person! She is one smart cookie, and can already write all her letters and numbers from memory and can sound out words to read. She is obsessed with dinosaurs, My Little Pony, Disney Princesses & L.O.L. Dolls. But my favorite thing, by far, about Baylee has to be her imagination. She comes up with the greatest stories and games, and her pretend play is so entertaining to watch! She's also the best big sister and big cousin, always keeping Natalie and Kennedy under her wing and teaching them what she knows. :) And keeping in tradition, here is her birthday interview:

Baylee's 5th Birthday Interview

Favorite color?: pink & blue
Favorite toy?: my pinkie pie pony
Favorite food?: chicken nuggets
Favorite TV show?: Octonauts
Favorite game?: Pretty Pretty Princess
Favorite snack?: spinach (its true the kid eats spinach and lettuce in baggies like they're chips!)
Favorite animal?: dog
Favorite song?: “H.O.L.Y” -Florida Georgia Line
Favorite book?: “Goodnight, Marines"
Best Friend?: Sophie, Kassidy, & Maci
Favorite Cereal?: Frosted Mini Wheats
Favorite thing to do outside?: ride my bike
Favorite drink?: lemonade
Favorite holiday?: Halloween & Christmas
What toy do you take to bed with you at night?: Kitty Cat
Favorite movie?: Hercules
Favorite place to go?: Disneyland 

As I am writing this, my girl is at her very first day of Kindergarten! I can't wait to pick her up and hear all about her day!
 Happy Birthday, my Baylee! 
I love you to the moon and back!