Today With Bay!

Monday, January 25, 2016

7:30 Coffee in bed!

We just got new grey and white bedding *swoon*, and it is sooo comfortable! I made my coffee and hopped right back in bed! :)

7:45 Morning Mom! 

8:00 "Eat!" Breakfast :)

Baylee had bananas and waffles with some syrup for dipping and Mama had a whole wheat english muffin with PB and bananas. Yummmm

8:30 Baby Einstein for Bay and cleaning for me! 

My brain couldn't handle any Disney Channel shows today, so Baylee watched a few Baby Einsteins about colors and numbers. The classical music is way more relaxing for both of us. :) And, yes, Baylee is sitting in her doll stroller...thanks to Daddy for teaching her that. :/

9:30 Books and puzzles 

10:00 Potty time!

Baylee decided to try and start potty training again today! She went pee once and poop's a start! :)

 10:15 Dinner prep 

Some chicken breasts and salsa in the crock pot...easiest chicken tacos ever!

 10:30 Milk and a movie

I finally got Baylee off the bottle nipples! Woohoo! I found a sippy cup spout made out of the same material as the nipples that fit on all of her Nuk bottles and we never looked back. Finally! P.S. We watched "Inside Out" while we snuggled. :)

12:00 Nap time!

12:15 Mommy time!

I should have exercised, but I just didn't feel up for it. I took a shower, had some reflection time, and closed my eyes for a half hour instead. It's nice to get some peace.

2:00 Baylee's still sleeping...

My Dad and sister came over, so I got to go to Target *gasp* alone

3:00 Baylee still sleeping!!! Better wake that kid up... 

3:15 Late lunch 

I had my sister wake up the girl from her 3 hour snooze. Though she woke up in a good mood, it was accompanied by a stuffy, runny nose. Crap. 

4:00 Outside play! 

Sunshine and silly songs heal everything!

5:30 Dinner! 

My spoiled girl got to eat her tacos in front of the TV tonight because we had family over. A rare happening, but she loves doing it. (Typical kid)

6:00 I told myself no... 

But my eyes and tummy said "all the yes's!" Oh well...

6:30 Bath time! 

"Baylee, who do you want to give you your bath tonight?" "Umm...Dada!" He wins every time! 

7:00 Jammie time! 

7:15 Ready for my story! 

7:30 Drink milk and brush teeth 

 8:00 Goodnight kisses!

I can tell sweet girl doesn't feel too well because she went right to bed without a fuss! Hopefully she feels better in the morning!  

Goodnight loves!

Until next time! XoXoXo



Friday Favorites: Be Mine, Valentine!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Happy Friday! With Valentine's Day being only 3 weeks away, I thought this week's Friday Favorites should be my picks for the season of love. :)

I have been completely obsessed with these matching Mama and Mini "I Got You Babe" shirts since they released right after Christmas! What a perfect way to match your little Valentine!

I ordered Baylee this Hello Brand shirt and it's supposed to ship later this week! Hello has the softest shirts, and I love their simple designs. 

Not sure why, but I'm totally loving on donut prints this year! Maybe it's because I'm trying to be healthier, so it's a way to get my sweet fix in without actually eating it. ;) These super cute donut leggings are at Target and only $6.00! 

There is some awesome V-Day gear for boys too! For your little dude, I love this handsome little "Heartbreaker" pullover and pant set from Carter's. 

Can't forget the Mamas! I'll be rocking this pink XoXo Tee on Valentine's Day this year, and hopefully sipping copious amounts of hazelnut coffee from a new mug! I love this "love you a latte" one from Kohl's. (Half off right now!) 

Also, I know I've shared my love for Candelle's before, but not only do they have a new Valentine's line right now; they also just released their "Punny Candles" and they have to be my favorite yet! With sayings like "I donut know what I'd do without you" and "I like you a waffle lot", they're the perfect gift for a friend or family member this year!

Baylee has been having fun getting an early start on making some Valentine's for our special family members...bless this girl and her little festive heart! <3

Until next time! XoXoXo

15-18 Month "Must Haves"!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It has been so much fun to share all my baby "must haves" with all of you, but this will be my last post of the series. So sad! Hopefully in the near future we will be expecting Baby T #2, and I will have a whole new list to share! :)

We have found that anything with a fatter grip helps Baylee get the food in her mouth with little to no spillage. She's been doing a great job, and can even feed herself yogurt and applesauce!

These bowls are awesome for littles who are just learning to feed themselves. They suction to a smooth surface so that they can master utensils, and it helps to keep bowls on the table for the throw it on the ground or on my head phase!

Another helpful mealtime tool is a plate with dividers. Baylee loves to eat one type of food at a time during a meal so she likes it all organized (her mothers child). She has also recently taken a liking to dip her food, or "dippit" as she says. So, I'll squirt a tiny bit of ranch for her dino nuggets or sour cream for her taco meat in the dipping section in the middle and she goes bonkers!

4. DoodlePro 

This was on Baylee's Christmas list post, and it's making an appearance again, because we love it that much. She plays with this thing every single day, and I love it because she can make art without the mess!

This, too, is making it's second appearance on the blog. I wasn't sure how long I was going to keep Baylee sleeping in her sleepsack, but we are going a year strong now! The XL size fits up to 36 pounds, so there's no need to take her out of it anytime soon. As of right now, I swear it single-handedly is what is keeping her from figuring out how to climb out of her crib, because she is climbing everything else. We use the fleece version right now, and it helps her stay cozy at night without the blanket falling off. I will swear by these things forever!

Baylee loves playing with the foam letters and numbers in the bath tub, and it's a great way to start introducing them to the alphabet and colors!

7. Toddler Radio on Pandora

If you use Pandora for music on your phone, get the "toddler radio" station. It's so much fun, and a great way to remind you of kids songs that you may have forgotten about over the years. Baylee and I did the "Hokey Pokey" for the first time last week, and she was tickled pink! :)

This was another gift that Baylee got for Christmas, and it quickly became her favorite book. She loves to point out the pictures that she recognizes and asks me "Wassat?" if it's something new. It's definitely a book worth buying for beginning talkers. 

I'll try to get all these "must haves" grouped into any easy access scroll bar soon, so that you can look them up based on your baby's age! For now though, excuse me, because I have to sit back and watch this diva grow bigger and bigger before my very eyes *17 crying emojis*!

Until next time! XoXoXo

Baylee's 18 Month Update!

Friday, January 15, 2016

 When the heck did my little monster get this huge?! This is, by far, the most fun age yet. I love that she can tell me what she needs ("eat!" "up!" "osh!"(off) "on!" etc.) and her little imagination is getting bigger every day. She loves to play with her babies and tells me when they "poop" and we change their diapers. Then they go "ni-night". She also pretends to make and eat soup with my tupperware and cleans the house with her little play vacuum. We are working on her picking up her toys in real life. ;)

We have done a few Disneyland trips and she is enjoying it so much more now! This kiddo loves her Minnie and it's been a blast to watch her dance and light up on all the rides.

Milestone wise, she feeds herself with a fork and spoon, and can eat snacks out of a small bowl without spilling and dumping it everywhere. She has started referring to herself by name and calls herself "Lee Lee" which I think is totally adorable! She had a few days of wanting to go potty on her big kid potty, and was doing such a great job, but then she got the stomach flu and it was all over. We haven't revisited it since, but when she's ready I don't think we will have a hard time at all. (Knock on all the wood!) She smiles and says "cheeeeeese!" although her "cheese face" looks more like shes really stressed out. She also is getting a longer attention span for her cartoons, which is nice, because every once in a while it gives me a chance to do the dishes or some laundry uninterrupted. Physically, she is running, dancing, climbing and hopping...I'm expecting a somersault any day!

Age: 18 months
Weight: 23 lbs
Height: 30 inches
Clothing size: 18 month
Teeth: 12 now! She had four molars come in!
Favorite foods: apples, bananas, and my little meatatarian will pretty much eat any meat I put in front of her! Shes not crazy about pasta or bread, but she'll eat pancakes and waffles for breakfast. She also loves yogurt and mostly all veggies! Yay!
Favorite Words: I can't even keep up with how much this kid is talking now! She is practically saying sentences (her first sentence was "Lou Lou eat nana" because she gave our cocker spaniel her banana!) and has no problem using words that she knows to ask for the things she wants and needs. She's a little parrot repeating everything I say right now!
Favorite activities: Bath time, dance parties with mom, playing with her babies, and rides in her wagon or toy car.
Least favorite activities: Stopping anything that's fun and being told "no". Full on meltdown status.
Favorite toys: All her Little People, baby dolls, stuffed animals, and her car. 
Signature moves: Doing the movements for "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes", Singing "Legooooooo" ("Let It Go")  when Frozen is on, rattling off the names of everyone in our family just because, and having facial expression wars with Daddy 

This sweet little kiddo has been the biggest blast lately! I can't believe she's 1 1/2 already...only 6 more months and I will have a 2 year old! What?!

In other news, this is my 100th post! The blog turned 2 on January 2nd and I am so happy that I have been able to keep it going. Thank you to all my guys are the best! With that being said, let me know if there's anything you'd like to see more of on the blog or any posts you would like to see! I love feedback!

Happy 1/2 birthday Princess Baylee! Mama loves you more than anything!!!

Until next time! XoXoXo