Summer Bucket List

Friday, June 19, 2020

Normally, at this time, we would already be getting things ready for Baylee to start school in a little over 3 weeks. (Her school starts mid-July.) Since we won’t be going back until August or September, though, we get an extended summer with our girl! Our bucket list looks very different this year without trips to Disneyland or swim lessons. We still want to make it a magical summer, though so we made a bucket list of fun things we can do!

What is on your summer bucket list this year?

Baylee the Kinder Grad!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Ever since Baylee was a baby, I have always pictured what her Kindergarten graduation would be like. It’s such a special transition from “little one“ to “big kid”. Never in a million years did I think she would be finishing Kindergarten at home in the midst of a pandemic, but here we are! We were so blessed that Baylee’s teacher this year was beyond amazing and made sure we had all the tools we needed to finish off this school year strong. It wasn’t easy, but Baylee managed to finish all her lessons, and is definitely ready for First Grade!

To celebrate her accomplishments, we had a mini graduation for her at our house complete with an i-phone “cap-and-gown” photo shoot, walking down the aisle to “Pomp & Circumstance” and a wonderful speech and diploma presentation from Baylee’s Uncle Andrew. It wasn’t the Kindergarten Graduation I had always envisioned attending, but it was perfect for us. The most important thing was that Baylee felt special and celebrated!

I am so proud of my girl, and I can’t wait to see what grade-school has in store for her! 

Congratulations Baylee!

Easter 2020

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

This Easter was definitely way different than past Easters, but we tried to make the most of it despite being stuck at home. We missed family and being able to go places, but it was kind of nice to have a slow, quiet day.

Thankfully, I had thought ahead for Easter baskets, so everything had been ordered and delivered in time for E.B.’s arrival! The girls were so excited that he had actually came and filled their baskets!

Funny story, I didn’t check the sizes when ordering their stuffed bunnies, and Baylee’s ended up being 3 times bigger than Natalie’s. SMH. Thank God Natty is still too little to care!

The girls dove straight in to their baskets, and their happiness warmed my heart. I tried to keep it simple with a few fun things, some necessities, and a little candy.

Once their baskets were empty, they went straight to the egg hunt. Normally the Easter Bunny hides our eggs on the lawn outside, but we just had a 5-day long rainstorm, so he chose an indoor hunt this year just to be safe.

After the egg hunt, we had our annual french toast breakfast complete with Nutella and strawberries. The best!

We mostly stayed in jammies and hung out inside the rest of the day, making sure the girls got some outside time to enjoy our first sunny afternoon in a while. We ordered dinner to be dropped off on our porch from a restaurant since we have not had much energy to cook. (Still delish!) Next year will hopefully be so different, but I will forever hold this simple Easter dear to my heart.  

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!
Hallelujah, He is risen!

Online Shopping Easter Basket

Sunday, March 22, 2020

I know these days we are all trying to stay out of stores as much as possible. Easter is only three weeks away, though, so I put together some ideas for Easter baskets that are all available online and should definitely come in time to put together an adorable basket for your kiddos! Just click the corresponding number underneath the graphic to shop each product!


It doesn’t look like any stores are shipping candy, but a quick Easter candy search on Amazon came up with a bunch of options! 

I am putting together baskets with a summer theme again this year, so I will be sharing a blog post with everything that my girls will be getting later this week! Hopefully this little post helps you get started, though so we can still make this an amazing Easter that the kids will never forget! :)

What do you usually put in your kids Easter baskets?

Goodbye Baby Tibbetts

Monday, March 16, 2020

I’m so sorry that the blog has been so quiet. It’s definitely been a rough month, but I am finally ready to talk about what happened with our sweet Baby Tibbetts. 

It was all very unexpected. Our embryo transfer was flawless, and I started having pregnancy symptoms about a week later. I didn’t want to get too excited, but I knew in my gut that I was pregnant. I had my blood test, and any hcg level over 50 would have meant a successful pregnancy...mine was 388. I was so excited! Brian and I rejoiced, and told the whole family that Baby #3 was on their way. Maybe I was naive, but I never actually imagined that we would be going through a second miscarriage instead of preparing for a third baby. 

Three days after my blood test, I woke up to my pregnancy apps telling me I was 5 weeks pregnant. It felt so good to know there was a little baby growing inside me, and that I would get to see him or her on an ultrasound in just a couple of weeks. That afternoon, though, I was sitting on my couch and mentioned to my sister that I felt a little crampy, but I pushed it off as gas cramps. After I put Natalie down for her nap, I went to the restroom and realized that I was bleeding. A lot. My heart instantly sank. I texted Brian at work and told him I was going to the ER, and he immediately let his captain know that he needed to leave the station and get to me. After a 5 hour ER visit (which was AWFUL but I’ll spare the horrific details) the doctor told me that my hcg was 1427 which meant doubling was right on target, and I was still pregnant with a little embryo measuring 2mm...right on track for 5 weeks. I was the most shocked and relieved person in that entire ER, guaranteed. I was told to go home and go on bed rest for 48 hours. 

I called my reproductive endocrinologist on the way home, and he said that it was likely a subchorionic hematoma, just like I had with my last two pregnancies. Basically, it’s a blood clot that forms between the uterine wall and the amniotic sac, it’s usually harmless to the baby, but sometimes it can grow too big and cause a miscarriage. He upped my progesterone doses and told me to definitely take it easy.

The next day, I announced my pregnancy on social media. Despite things looking on the bleak side, I wanted to feel excitement and joy. God gave me this precious gift, and I deserved to be happy about it. With my first miscarriage no one even knew I was pregnant until I shared that the baby had died, and that was the worst feeling ever. I was determined to give myself time to celebrate. 

I rested through the weekend, and on Sunday morning, I just didn’t feel right. I had been bleeding and cramping for three days straight, with no sign of it stopping, and I noticed my pregnancy symptoms were starting to vanish. I tried to stay hopeful, but in my heart I knew something was wrong. 

The next day, I went to my RE for a repeat blood test, and they were nice enough to give me an ultrasound for “peace of mind”. The tech tried her hardest, but finally said “Ash, I’m so sorry, there’s no signs of pregnancy at all.” At some point over the weekend, I had lost my precious baby and had no idea. One day I was being told that everything would probably be okay, and just days later I was being told that I wasn’t even pregnant anymore. Blood test results that afternoon confirmed that my hcg level was down to 528. The pregnancy had for sure ended.

At first, I was in shock, and I couldn’t speak or even think, but I looked over and saw Brian sobbing in the chair next to me. It was in that moment that it hit me just how many people were going to be so sad that our baby didn’t make it. I dreaded picking up Baylee from school and having to tell her that she wasn’t going to have another sibling after all. I was absolutely heartbroken. (Just for the record, she took the news very well and was more worried about me. Sometimes the maturity level of my 5-year-old girl in tough situations floors me.)

I spent most of the day crying, but I’ve never been one to dwell on sadness. Healing and processing what had happened has been my goal for the last two weeks, and I can honestly say that I’m mostly okay. There’s a place in my heart that’s a little sad and angry, but God is bigger than any of my plans, and only He knows why and what is coming next. I have so much faith that the truth will reveal itself in time.

So, now I find myself at crossroads. Before my embryo transfer even began, I said that this would be my last one no matter the outcome. If I got pregnant, great, but if I didn’t, we would move on and I would be able to say I tried. What I didn’t expect, though, was to get pregnant and fall in love with this baby only to have it taken away from me in such a short time. Nothing in this world can prepare someone for that. With my first miscarriage I knew right away that I wanted to do another transfer as soon as it was physically possible, and that helped me to cope. This time, however, I have no idea what I want to do. The pros and cons are endless, and I’m truly stuck. The best I can do for now is focus on my health and my amazing family, and pray my heart out that God leads me to the right choice. 

 This loss was awful, but now each of my girls has their own little guardian angel sibling in Heaven. I can’t possibly think a more comforting thought. Goodbye sweet baby, Mommy will always love and want you. I pray that you found your brother or sister, and that one day, in Heaven, I will finally be able to see your sweet face. 
Sleep well, my love. 

Tutu Cute!

Monday, February 10, 2020

Natalie’s 2nd birthday party was over the weekend, and the theme was tutu cute. It was one of the easiest and cutest parties I’ve ever thrown, so I just had to come on here and share with you all!

The dessert table was the true magic of the party. We made a balloon arch and hung this swan above the prettiest tutu tablecloth (which happens to be the tablecloth we got for my baby shower with Baylee!). I wanted to keep the desserts simple and pretty, so we dipped pirouettes and marshmallows in pink chocolate, drizzled it on some salted popcorn, and then put pink sugar sprinkles all over everything! We also made pink Rice Krispie treats, cupcakes with strawberry and vanilla frosting, and had store-bought sugar cookies and pink heart Reese’s peanut butter cups.

For the other blank wall in the room, we put up some tulle and a flower vine, and then had some pictures from Natalie’s photo shoot hanging on twine and clothespins. Brian made the cutest rose gold ballet barre to add to the theme, and we hung some of Baylee’s tutu’s and ballet slippers on it. Just for fun, we took the extra balloons that we didn’t need for the balloon arch and put them all over the floor.

For the actual party, we served meatball and pulled pork sliders, and Brian made his famous mac & cheese. We had a lot of kids show up, and thankfully the daytime was unseasonably warm, so we rented a bounce house for them to go crazy in! We also did a piƱata, which was an absolute blast (and SO much easier than making goodie bags). 

Natalie had so much fun running around with all of her little friends, stealing treats off the dessert table every 5 minutes, and having her beloved “Happy Birthday to You” sung to her.  It made my heart so full to see my girl so happy!

I can’t wait to experience the terrific two’s with this little munchkin!

Natalie’s Two Year Update!

Sunday, February 9, 2020

And just like that, my tiny little peanut is 2! It’s hard to believe how quickly time has flown, but here we are! She has gotten to be so silly, so sassy, and so much fun! I don’t care what anyone says, give me ALL the two-year-olds! Natalie is so smart, and talks like a little parrot all day long. She is starting to learn her colors and numbers, and is learning to sing all her favorite songs. (“The Itsy Bitsy Spider” is her jam right now.) She can point out hearts and stars, knows animals and what sounds they make, and knows where most of her body parts are! She loves to dance and is already Disney obsessed like her mama and big sis. Her favorite characters are Olaf, Elsa, & Ariel.

Natalie has a heart of gold, and loves being surrounded by people. She hates goodbyes, loves to go places, and is usually a very friendly and happy girl! She’s a mama’s girl to a fault and wants me to hold her or to be as near to me as possible 75% of the time.

Age: 2
Weight: 25 lbs
Height: 33 inches
Clothing size: 24 months/2T
Teeth: She finally cut the rest, so we are just waiting on 2 year molars!
Favorite foods: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, oatmeal, apples, bananas, pasta, cheese, & chicken nuggets
Words: We’ve graduated to full sentences, and her little voice is just so cute! My favorite words that she says in a funny way, though are: “ducks”=stuck, “huss up”=get up/stand up, “soon”=spoon
Favorite activities: dancing, eating (90% of the time), playing outside, & going “bye bye in da carsss”
Least favorite activites: Natalie is honestly pretty chill, but she hates being told “no”. She often ignores being told not to do something, and then throws a tantrum when she gets a time-out or something taken away. She’s super easy to distract though, so I can’t help but laugh when she just changes the subject.
Favorite toys: Every toy in her sister’s room (haha), baby dolls, the play kitchen, mega blocks, Little People, and any kind of art supplies
Signature moves: walking in to a room where Baylee and Kennedy are and saying “Hi guys!”, shouting “Dis is fun!” when she is enjoying whatever we are doing, saying “No dank you...I don wanna...” anytime she is asked if she wants to go potty on the toilet.

I love this girl more than I could ever explain! She adds so much joy and light to our days! Happy Birthday, precious Natty Lou! I hope your day was as magical as you!