Ten Months With Natalie!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Just two short months, and this sweet girl will be one! This has seriously been the fastest year of my life, but I have loved every minute. For Baylee's 10 month update, I started doing a stats list, so I figured I would do the same for Natty Lou!

Age: 10 months
Weight: 19.5 lbs
Height: 27 inches
Clothing size: 12 months
Teeth: still toothless!
Favorite foods: pasta, peas, cheese, eggs, and yogurt
Words: dada, mama, baba, & dog
Favorite activities: playing with all the toys in the playroom, bath time, and pretty much anything big sis does
Least favorite activites: getting her nose wiped or something she's holding taken away
Favorite toys: books, play kitchen food, baby dolls, and all her teething toys
Signature moves: grabbing as much fur as she can on our cocker spaniel's back and shaking it while she screams "dog, dog!", crawling as fast as lightning when she sees a gate open or if she gets caught with something she shouldn't have, picking up the dogs water and dumping it out at least once a day

Sissy has been having so much fun exploring our new house over the last month. There are so many places to crawl, and so much to get in to! She absolutely adores playing with her toys in the playroom.

She also got to have her first couple of visits to the local indoor playground. Anywhere she can crawl around and go crazy is her jam!

This month was definitely filled with "firsts". Natalie had so much fun at her first Thanksgiving and grubbed down on all the food!  

We decorated the house for Christmas, so Natty got to experience decorating her first Christmas tree. It's been so much fun to watch her get so excited about all the sights and sounds of Christmas time!

We went to Disneyland to see all of their Christmas decor, and it was the first time I've seen Natalie get super excited about being there. Small World was definitely her favorite, she was dancing and laughing the whole ride! 

Last, but not least, we took our first Christmas pictures as a family of 4! I will be doing a blog post this week so you all can see how amazing they turned out, but here's a sneak shot of Natalie that I am obsessed with!

I am so excited to celebrate Natalie's last two first holidays over the next month, and then we will be full force in first birthday prep! 

 I love you so much, Peanut! I can't believe how big you're getting!


Surprizamals & More Under the Tree!

Friday, December 7, 2018

The second set of toys in my must-have toy series is for the big(ger) kids! I partnered with Beverly Hills Teddy Bear, and they sent the sweetest package of toys that are perfect for Baylee's age range! I can't even begin to explain how excited she was to come down stairs and see these guys under our tree!


The three types of toys we got were Shimmeez, Squeezamals, & Surprizamals. All three had Baylee completely enchanted! 

Shimmeez are fun pillow-like stuffed animals that have two-tone sequins all over them. Seriously, hours of fun swiping the sequins back and forth to change their color! Haha! They come in 3 different sizes and a bunch of different animals! We have the owl, sheep, and chick, and they're all too cute!

Squeezamals are the most adorable little plush toys that are squishy like a stress ball! They also come in 3 sizes and tons of different animals. We got the narwhal, sloth, and unicorn. My favorite part? They are each lightly scented which is SO fun! I decided to keep the sloth for myself. :) Such a stress reliever!

 Baylee's favorite were the Surprizamals. She is all in to the surprise toys this year, so these were a blast for her. There are over 200 different animals that could be in each little ball. She loved popping them open to see which ones she would get! We ended up with a zebra, a donkey, and a potbelly pig!

The stuffed animals from Beverly Hills Teddy Bear are definitely a must-have for Christmas this year if your kiddos are over 3! They are sold at all major retailers including Target, Walmart & Walgreens. Baylee has been playing with hers every single day since she got them, and I think Santa might be putting one more Surpizamal in her stocking! ;)


Holiday Bucket List

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

This Holiday Season has been a busy one already, so I made a list of things I really hope we get a chance to do over the next month! We went to Disneyland to see all the Christmas decor yesterday, so we already have one thing checked off our list!

Holiday Bucket List 2018
1. Send Christmas Cards ASAP so everyone can have our new address!
2. Visit Santa, so that Baylee can tell him what's on her list!
3. Do a "Pay It Forward" act at least once a week. (We need new ideas! Tell me what you do in the comments!)
4. Bake Christmas cookies and invent a new recipe. (I already have something in mind!)
5. Read a Christmas book before bed every night.
6. Have a Christmas pajama party.
7. Watch at least one Christmas movie every day.
8. Visit the local street that does Christmas lights and walk around with hot cocoa.
9. Buy Natalie a "First Christmas" ornament for the tree.
10. Wrap Christmas presents in pretty paper.
11. Make our annual Rudolph pancakes on Christmas Eve.
12. Visit Disneyland to see all their lights and decor.
13. Watch Baylee in her school's Christmas Program
14. Watch Baylee in her dance studio's Winter Recital.
15. Give at least one toy to a toy drive.
16. Leave cookies, milk, and a letter out for Santa. 
17. Visit the local mountains and build a snowman.
18. Have a Christmas shopping date night with Brian.
19. Make a list of 2019 resolutions.
20. Throw a tiny New Year's Eve party for Baylee and ring in the new year with NYC! ;)

What is on your holiday bucket list?!

I hope to find time to do all 20 things, but if not, I know this is still going to be the best holiday season ever! :)