Strollin' Through Disney

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

As all of us frequent Disneyland visitors know, they changed their stroller regulations as of May 1st this year. It was definitely time to start looking in to a more compact stroller, so that's why I was so excited to get to work with Contours Baby to try out their Contours Bitsy Compact Fold Stroller. It is by far the best travel stroller I have ever used, and it's 100% Disney approved based on their new stroller size requirements! We tried it out at Disneyland on Monday, and it's definitely love! :)

At only 13.5 pounds, the stroller is super light and so easy to push; even up hills! We had some family with us, so I was making all of the adults take turns pushing it around. They all agreed that it was like pushing a little cloud! And even though it is small, the undercarriage is big enough to fit all the things you might need for a day at a theme park!

I would definitely recommend this stroller for both every-day and for traveling. It is airplane-friendly, and has a one-handed easy fold mechanism for on the go, but it's also comfortable enough for a kiddo to sit in for a long time. Natalie happily took her afternoon nap reclined in the stroller with the over-sized sunshade pulled down. After being in Disney all day, she was still completely comfortable riding around in her new stroller. I am so excited to use this awesome stroller on the regular from now on! :)

Summer Bucket List

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The first day of summer isn't for another month, but Baylee starts school on July 15th, so we have 7 weeks to have all the summertime fun! Here is our list for this year of all the things we are hoping to do!

Summer Bucket List

1. Swim lessons for Baylee.
2. Go on a picnic at the park.
3. Visit a splash pad.
4. Make homemade popsicles
5. Tons of pool days!
6. Have a beach day and end it with a beach bonfire!
7. Watch fireworks on Independence Day.
8. Make s’mores in the fire pit. (Like every night that Daddy is home!)
9. Go to a baseball game.
10. Get matching manis and pedis with Baylee.
11. Go to the library and check out some new books.
12. Lay on a blanket outside and check out all the stars.
13. Have a water balloon fight.
14. Visit the farmers market.
15. Go to the aquarium and/or zoo.
16. Make ice cream sundaes.
17. Make homemade lemonade and sun tea.
18. Go to the movies on a hot day.
19. Visit the local kids club.
20. Spend a lot of time soaking up my big girl before she starts KINDERGARTEN!!!
I know this summer is going to fly, so I really hope we find time to do all the things and still spend a lot of days relaxing. ;)
What's on your summer bucket list?!

Fifteen Months With Natalie!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

My darling Natty Lou is 15 months old today! She finally started walking about 8 weeks ago, and she's basically running now. She is a full-force toddler complete with opinions and tantrums, but her sweet disposition seems to be sticking around, so I'm glad! She's the biggest cuddle bug I've ever met, a complete people-person, and a huge animal lover. I'm enjoying this stage in her life so much; even on the hard days she's still just the cutest thing! :)

Age: 15 months
Weight: 22 lbs

Height: 30 inches

Clothing size: 18 months

Teeth: Four that have cut completely (yay!!) and two more that are halfway cut. So, six by the end of next week :)

Favorite foods: BANANAS! She can eat a whole banana in one sitting in minutes. She also loves noodles, spaghetti, carrots, chicken, and yogurt.

Words: Oh, my little Natty Parrot. I was so worried she wouldn't talk well, but she turned 1, and sure showed me! Not only does she repeat words all day, but she says little phrases like "Hi Dada/Mama/Sissy!" and "Up me!" (Which means "up please") She even says "Thank you" when you hand her something she wants. Her all time favorite word to say, though, is "shoe". 

Favorite activities: chasing Baylee and Kennedy around and acting like she knows whats going on, bath time, running around in the backyard, and eating

Least favorite activites: diaper changes (It's like trying to put a diaper on a rolling alligator!)

Favorite toys: play food from the play kitchen, her purse, and random objects around the house. Honestly, I don't even know why we have toys for her. Hahaha! ;)

Signature moves: taking all of the shoes out of the shoe basket for 20 minutes and letting me know that each one is a "'shoe!!!", walking on the couch cushions and then body slamming a perfectly innocent Baylee, dumping out the dogs water (still obsessed), and throwing the nearest toy as hard as she can when she's mad

Honestly, I forgot how much fun one-year-olds are! It's been so much fun watching her blossom more each day and really create a bond with her big sis and cousin. 

I love you, my Peanut! 
I'm so glad God picked me to be your mommy!