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Thursday, August 18, 2016

 I swear these posts are nothing but my desperate mommy attempt to freeze time with my kiddo, who is growing so fast that I just know I'm going to blink and it will be her first day of Kindergarten. I love how smart and hilarious my girl is, but it makes me so sad that she's already growing out of the "saying things wrong" phase. She's already started to correct herself sometimes, and you can tell she's putting a lot more thought in to what she's about to say. It makes me so proud and so bummed at the same time!

That being said, though, there are many things that come out of her mouth that are said wrong, or just plain adorable/hilarious, and so worthy of an entire blog post to keep them forever. :)

My absolute fav. of her new sayings is "I misch you so musch!". Whenever we reunite after I've been gone, or just in the morning when she wakes up she tells me that she's missed me and I am a complete puddle.

She's started to shout different sayings that I know for a fact she's picked up from listening to me, Brian and my sisters. The best ones are "Oh my goodness!", "That's so so cool!" (or "This is so so good" if its food), and "Good job, Mommy!". 

She's also full of warnings and concern, "Careful, Mommy..." if I'm pouring a glass of water, or if I shout because I stubbed my toe or something she says, "Mama, you ok? Oh no! Got a boo boo?" Which she will then promptly pull out her doctor's kit and tell me "Time for a checkup" and say "Want a shot?" (I get one whether I want it or not.)

I feel so blessed to have such a loving girl. Her new thing is to tell me what she loves and then kiss and hug said object. "I lub puppy!", "I lub books!", "I lub fries!". She's also so polite and remembers to say "Bess you" when people sneeze, "Scuse me" when she burps, and "Tank you" when someone gives her something or does something nice for her. We are still working on "please", but she remembers half the time. :)

Her conscience is developing, and the looks she gives me when she knows she's done something wrong are killer. Just this morning she accidentally ripped a page in one of her books (Which shes gotten in trouble for doing on purpose before.) and she looked up at me and said "Shorry, Mommy...Shorry, I ripped da Elmo book." My heart totally melted as I told her that it was okay and that she wasn't in trouble. To which she responded, "I'm gunna make you some 'shood' (food)" and ran to her play kitchen as fast as she could. She said "Looooook, Mama!" and gave me "ice cream" with "tea" poured on it, and lots and lots of "finkles". :)

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Until next time! XoXoXo


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