Whiter Teeth With Smile Brilliant

Thursday, February 28, 2019

When I first started working a desk job in my early 20's, I quickly became an avid coffee and tea drinker, so you can imagine how much worse that habit got once I started having kids a few years later. (I mean the name off my blog is Coffee & Grace haha) While I adore both, coffee and tea are terrible for staining teeth, and for the longest time I have been very self conscious about how much my teeth were yellowing. That's why I was so excited when I found Smile Brilliant. I knew that I had finally found a whitening regime that would work for me, and hopefully have great results!

Once I got my kit to make my teeth molds, I immediately began the process. It was actually kind of fun! Before long I was mailing them off, and then my customized trays were delivered right back around 10 days later. I was so excited to begin the process!

The directions were simple, and the gel was easy to put in to the trays. I whitened during the day for the sake of getting the pictures for the blog, but almost every other session I did right before bed so that the desensitizing gel could really soak in. I did have some discomfort a few sessions in, so I spread my whitening out to every other day, and that really helped a lot! 

Because the trays are fitted, they're super comfortable, and in the mirror you can barely tell you have them on. Each session takes a little over an hour, so I would use that time to just relax and scroll through Instagram or Pinterest before bed. :)

I have tried other whitening products including toothpaste, mouthwash, and strips, and the bottom line is that nothing has whitened my teeth the way Smile Brilliant has! These are completely unedited before and after photos:

I could not believe how much whiter and brighter my teeth look! I keep checking out my own grin in the mirror now because I am so excited to see my old pearly whites again! ;)

Smile Brilliant wants to help one of my readers get a whiter and brighter smile, so I teamed up with them to give away an entire kit! Just click here to enter! And if you can't wait to start the process to get the whiter teeth you've been wanting, you can save 15% off store-wide by clicking here and using the code ashleetibbetts15

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