6 to 9 Month Must Haves!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

This has been the most fun list of "must haves" to put together! All the developmental changes that happen in the 6 to 9 month range totally blew my mind as I watched my helpless infant suddenly become mobile and her craaaazy personality come out! This list is of things that have kept us sane and encouraged her development through the past three months. If you missed the first two posts, here are my Newborn to 3 Month and 3 Month to 6 Month lists! :) Oh, and I just thought I'd mention, since I haven't before, that I post pictures of what exactly we have on here and some of them are girly, but all items also come in a boy or gender neutral version!

The first time I saw this thing was at Target I totally squealed, "She needs it!" Baylee's Mimi (Godmother/Auntie Nicole) is absolutely obsessed with lions, so whenever there's an age appropriate lion toy out there it's pretty much guaranteed that she will get it. ;) She loves all the sounds and music that it makes and has been practicing pushing it around for a couple of months now. She walks for a few steps, gets tired, and then pushes it the rest of the way on her knees. Sometimes she just sits and plays with all the toys and buttons on the front, and it keeps her busy for a while which equals a happy Mama!

This swing is probably my favorite thing on this list! We put it up once the weather was nice and it has been the best distraction ever during her cranky times of the day. Even when nothing will make my child happy, I know we can swing for about 15 to 20 minutes and she will completely calm down. You really can't beat that price either! The only thing is, it only comes will metal hooks on the ropes, so you have to purchase the hardware to hang it separately. We went to Home Depot and got the hardware that you use to hang a porch swing that way its super sturdy and swings nice and smooth.

As many of you know, I am a total Eddie Bauer snob when it comes to merchandise for baby! I love how everything is designed to be functional for babies, but yet is classy enough to have in your home and not look like it doesn't belong there. So, when it came to picking out a high chair I knew this was the one. It adjusts to multiple table heights, has a 5 point harness, and the top tray snaps off so that it can be put in the dishwasher if necessary. I also love the grey and teal plaid cushion. It's super easy to wipe off, it's removable incase you want to toss it in the wash, and is gender neutral incase we have a boy one day! We have a pretty tiny house, so it's also nice that it has wheels with brakes and folds up for easy storage incase we need the extra room. It's basically perfect. ;)

 Finding the right convertible car seat was quite a chore for me. I researched for weeks and sought the opinions of a lot of my mom friends, and a majority of the best reviews were all for Britax brand. They are known for creating safe, sturdy car seats and are even recommended by police departments. I was sold! The price wasn't really what I had in mind to spend, but at the end of the day you can't put a price on safety; especially when it comes to your kiddo! I ended up finding it for sale on diapers.com, and also found a coupon code, so in the end I got a pretty good deal. The giraffe print is freaking adorable...the picture doesn't do it justice! Baylee loves her new ride. She can sit up like a big girl and look out the window, and the padded shoulder straps are comfy incase she falls asleep. (Which is pretty much every time we go for a drive longer than 15 minutes! lol) It's both rear and forward facing and can support a child up to 65 pounds, so we will definitely be getting a lot of good use out of it. Worth every penny!

A few months ago, the day I had been dreading finally hit. I went in to Baylee's room and found her rolled over on her belly in her Baby Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit. Damn. Since the manufacturer recommends to stop use once they start to roll in it, I knew our sleep suit days were over. Now what? We had received a Halo Sleep Sack at our shower, so we decided to give it a shot. Turns out she absolutely loves it! It keeps her warm and gives her enough room to roll around the crib and do all her sleep ninja moves. Once I zip it on her, she knows its sleepy time, so it's a perfect little bedtime association tool. 

I had honestly never thought about a security blanket until I read about it on another parenting blog. We were having a lot of trouble getting Baylee to self soothe. I personally don't believe in the "cry it out" method. I know it works for other parents, but it just doesn't work with my parenting style, so we don't do it. However, getting up to rock Baylee back to sleep 4 and 5 times a night was getting a little old. Insert the security blanket. Literally the first night we had the blanket it worked like a charm. Whenever she wakes up she cuddles it and rubs the satin on the edges and goes right back to sleep. Yesssss! It's made out of breathable muslin cloth, so I never have to worry about her suffocating if she puts it over her face. My only complaint is that after you wash it some threads do come out, so you have to let it hang dry. I do love that it comes with two, though so when one is in the wash baby can still snuggle the other!

Once baby is big enough to sit in a shopping cart or restaurant high chair, one of these covers is a definite must! It keeps baby cozy and germ free, and so far ours has fit every cart and high chair that we've put it on. They're a pain to put on one-handed though, so if you're shopping alone with your little one, park next to the cart return that way you can put it on a cart before you even get baby out of the car seat. Easy peasy!

This thing is seriously the mother of all baby gates! We have a very wide and awkwardly shaped opening from out front room to our kitchen, and this gate fits perfectly. I love that it has a door that swings open, and Baylee thinks the mesh is so fun to play with! It fits openings 65 to 86 inches, and if you get two it becomes a freestanding play yard. So cool! 

Hope you enjoyed these must haves for the 6 to 9 month range! I can't believe I will only be writing one more of these posts for Baylee's first year. I teared up today because I had to pack up all of her 9 month clothes and put the 12 month clothes in the wash...why do they grow so fast?! 

Until next time! XoXoXo

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