Newborn to 3 Month Must-Haves!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I will be doing Baylee's 3 month update next week, but, as promised, here are my Newborn-3 month "Must-Haves"! I decided to group months together instead of doing month-by-month because a lot of these items I have been using since day one and I still use today!

 I can't even explain what a life-saver this thing has been! Baylee love, love, loves batting at and kicking the toys! I can put her down on it and she will entertain herself for at least a half hour cooing and squealing in delight! It's the best! 

Okay, at first I was suuuuper intimidated by this thing. You buy it and all it is is this huge piece of stretchy fabric and "How the hell do I get my baby in this?!" is the feeling that comes over you. The first time you try it you will feel mentally challenged and want to put it back in the box and throw it in the back of the closet. Don't. Like anything, it just takes practice, and in no time you will be wrapping and baby wearing like a pro! I had Brian help me the first few times that way I could make sure I was doing it right and now I can get her in it in minutes and do what I need to do around the house. She loves being worn and usually knocks out in it after about 10-15 mins! Can I get an "Amen!"?!

A crabby latch and our trip to the hospital for jaundice screwed up my exclusive breast feeding dreams! I wasn't about to go boo-hoo about it, though, and I knew that, for me, formula was not an option yet. I wanted her to get all that awesome stuff from my breast milk that makes super babies! Okay, not really, but breast milk does have antibodies and nutrients for healthy, happy babies, and that was very important to me. Ergo, the pump! It's so weird to use at first, but you get used to it. This is the pump that I got for free from my insurance and I love it! (Call your insurance! They should have a program for a free one for you too!) It's easy to use and the parts are easy to keep clean. This thing goes everywhere with me...I've pumped at Disneyland, in the car, you name it!

I researched bottles while preggo and registered for those super expensive "just like the breast" bottles that everyone is raving about these days. My baby hates them. Go figure, right? She loves good ol' dependable Nuk! And at $12.00 or less for a pack of 3...I say heck ya! She also will only take Nuk pacifiers at this point. We tried MAM and other brands, but she spits them out. Nuk is clearly her jam! I was totally anti-pacifier until I had a baby. As soon as sticking one in her mouth soothed my screaming child, the paci and I developed a great relationship! LoL Hey, whatever works!

 My kid loves to be swaddled, but she can break through a regular swaddle blanket like a ninja in seconds! These velcro swaddlers are nothing short of amazing! She stays in her cozy swaddle and it helps her sleep longer! God bless you swaddle blankets!

6. Boppy

Even if you get nothing else, seriously, get a boppy! You will use it for feeding, holding, tummy time, propping up and all sorts of fun stuff for the first few months. I love my boppy and so does Baylee! Tummy time rocks when you can be propped up to see the world, and it helps tired mama arms for late night feedings! 5 stars in my book!

They feel great, smell great, and you will be using them ALL the time! I swear I have one in every room  in my house, in the car, on my keys...I love them! They're always having a 5 for $5.00 sale too, so you can't beat only paying a buck each! Like I said, you'll be sanitizing all the time to make sure baby doesn't get any nasty germs that might be on your hands, so why not treat yourself to the nice scent of Sweet Pea while you're at it? They also fit great in the diaper bag!

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about my must haves and found them helpful! Next wednesday my cutie pie will be three months old! I'm dying! Here's a pic of the princess just because she's so darn adorable! :)

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