First Birthday Gift Guide

Friday, January 25, 2019

Since Natalie's first birthday is right around the corner (two weeks from tomorrow!) I decided to put together a little gift guide of things I have on her wish list, and some of our favorite gifts that she got for Christmas. One is such a fun age, but it's definitely a challenge to find gifts that are both age appropriate and will keep their interest/be useful, so I hope this guide helps if you have a little one to shop for! :)

1. Radio Flyer Trike. My Dad is getting Natalie this trike and I am so excited! I love that I can push her in it until she gets old enough to learn how to pedal. Baylee just learned how to ride her bike with training wheels well, so I see lots of walks with the girls on their bike and trike this spring!

2. Toy box. Any toy box will do, but I fell in love with this one on Amazon. We are toy storage obsessed over here. ;)

3. Flappy the Elephant. My niece got Flappy for her first Christmas, and adores it, so I knew Natalie had to have one too. Santa brought her one for Christmas and she plays with him all the time.

4. Books. I love when my girls get books as gifts, I am a firm believer that kids can never have enough books! We are hoping to get "Flora and the Flamingo" for her birthday this year. I also have "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and a farm animal "Play-a-Sound" book on her list. 

5. Wooden Alphabet Puzzle. Babies this age love wooden toys, and this puzzle that is super cute and doubles as a way to teach the alphabet is a win-win in my book.

6. Security blanket. One-year-olds are finally ready to have a little something extra to snuggle in their crib, so a security blanket is a perfect gift that parents will love you for. Baylee slept with hers until she was a little over 3!

7. Stuffed animals. I'm not a huge stuffed animal fan, but my girls adore them, so of course, we have a ton. Sometimes, I can't help myself though, so I had to get Natalie this adorable pink flamingo to go with her "Natalie In Onederland" themed birthday party! 

Tell me what your favorite gifts for one-year-olds are and I will add them to the list!

I can't believe my baby is almost 1!


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