5 Months With Baylee!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Miss Baylee is 5 months old today, and what an eventful month it has been! She gets bigger and stronger every day! I'm not sure her exact weight and length right now because her doctor's appointment is not until the 29th, but I would have to estimate she's a good 15 pounds. She's already starting to fit snug in her 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers...love my little chunk!

Am I the only one who can't believe Christmas is only 10 days away? Seriously...where did 2014 go?! We have been fully enjoying sharing our Christmas traditions with our little peanut. Not only has there been Christmas music and movies playing non-stop (sorry hunny! lol), but our house is in full decor as well. Baylee certainly enjoys the lights on the Christmas tree!

We also took her to Thoroughbred in Alta Loma to see the lights on the houses there. She was excited and wide eyed the whole time! It was too cute!

I can't wait to help Baylee open all her presents on Christmas! I know this little chick is getting S-P-O-I-L-E-D!!! She doesn't care quite yet, but Santa is definitely making a pit stop at the Tibbetts' house this year to leave some goodies for her! ;) One of our Christmas presents came early this year though! We were blessed to find out that Baylee's cousin who's on the way is a little GIRL!

You better believe this Auntie decorated her sonogram pic! :) LoL I am beyond excited to watch our two girls grow up together, I know they're going to be absolute besties and one day are going to have their crazy faces plastered all over this blog. We can't wait to meet you Princess Addy! There are fun Disney trips to be had!

Now for milestones this month, Baylee has been starting to sit up on her own. She shocked me one day when I let go and BOOM! she balanced herself! I couldn't believe it! 

Since then, we practice everyday and she just gets better and better. At this rate we will have a sitter by her 6 month birthday! Because she's doing such a great job sitting up, especially in her Bumbo, we decided it was time to introduce some solids. I did my research and rice cereal has basically zero nutritional value, but the baby oatmeal is so good for them. It was perfect to start her out with! Lately she's been consuming more milk than I can pump, so adding a meal of oatmeal every day has been great to hold her over. I will probably up it to twice a day soon, and then at 6 months old she will start having real food! How is that so soon?! Anyway, the oatmeal has been a big hit...as you can see from the pictures she loooves it!

There's no doubt about it...my kid likes to eat! She also thinks that her feet and sticking her tongue out and spitting are the absolute coolest things on earth! Mommy thinks they're pretty hilarious too! ;)

Also, last night we introduced Baylee to her first sippy cup filled with water. She has her first cold,  (boo :( so sad!) so I wanted to make sure she got some extra fluids. She loves the dang thing so much that she screams at me if I take it away! Oops...I created a monster! It's pretty freaking cute to watch her though; she's so big!

This sweet little bug just amazes me everyday with how much she changes. She's one smart cookie, thats for sure...and she's so loving and cuddly! Melts my heart! :)

Check back on December 26th to find out all about how Baylee's 1st Christmas went! We are so ready and so excited for Santa!!! Have a very Merry Christmas everyone! XoXoXo

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