What A Mom Wants!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Believe it or not, Mother's Day is only two weeks away, so it's time to start dropping those hints, mamas! ;) Although the best Mother's Day gifts ever are those precious little arms around your neck, let's face it, it's also so nice to have a thoughtful gift to open, and a little recognition. You work hard, mommies...you deserve it! So, if you want to give your hubs some ideas or need some ideas for the mamas in your life, I wrangled up some of the things that I love for Mother's Day this year. Hopefully my hubby takes some notes too! ;) (Haha, love ya, babe!)

If you have never ordered Scentsy before, you must! They have, by far, the best smelling wax bars ever, and the prettiest warmers to melt them in! The best part about melting wax as opposed to lighting a candle is that there is no fire hazard and your house can smell amazing. (I personally think they do a better job than a candle as far as making a room smell good.) They also now have essential oils and diffusers, as well as soaps and household cleaning supplies that all come in packaging pretty enough to be displayed around the house. You can order it online here, or contact my friend, Courtney, who is a star consultant if you have any questions about the products: {Clynnfraser@gmail.com, Courtneylaponis@gmail.com (909)731-8677} 

You know me and my Lush obsession! Well, lucky me, they have a whole line of Mother's Day products! Woohoo! I'm loving this Yummy Mummy shower cream, and how cute is this already wrapped Love You Mom set that comes with shower gel and hand cream?! It's simple and perfect.

I have been wanting a cup from Twinkle Twinkle Lil' Jar for a while now, and these mason jar tumblers are perfect for summer time beverages by the pool. They have a ton of sayings and glitter color choices available, but my favorite is this one that says "Hands full, Heart full, Happy mama". Doesn't get any truer than that! :) 
Last, but not least, who wouldn't love an awesome shirt for Mother's Day?! I know I would! SaSea just released this new Mom All Day shirt, and I adore it! It's super cute with it's simple design, and looks like it's so soft. Hello, new fav. shirt! (P.S. You gotta follow this shop on IG because this mama is hilarious and fun! @kcsnead)
If you're still stumped, you really can never go wrong with a gift certificate toward a massage or a mani/pedi!  And, personally, my favorite site to see on Mother's Day would be this...and then maybe the back of my own eyelids! ;)


Can't beat that little angel face. :)
Until next time! XoXo

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