Natalie's Birth Story

Thursday, February 15, 2018

My littlest peanut will already be a week old tomorrow, and I’m finally getting around to blogging her birth story! I forgot just how crazy it is to have a newborn. It’s amazing how busy eat, sleep, poop can keep you! ;)

So, as most of you know from my bumpdates I started having early labor right around the 35 week mark. I was having daily contractions and even went into "labor" the day before 36 weeks. My doctor was able to stop the labor so I could let the girl cook a little longer, but I still continued having contractions. Then, four days later, I woke up in the middle of the night to my feet and palms itching so bad that they were on fire. Like it literally felt like I got bit by fire ants or something. I also was feeling reduced fetal movement so I called my mom (she’s a RN for LDRP) and she told me that she thought i had cholestasis and that I should go to L&D just to get checked out. I went to L&D and everything was fine with Natalie, she was just facing a funny way in my uterus so I couldn’t feel her (being breech wasn’t helping either). I was released from triage and my doctor had labs ordered for me to see if I had cholestasis. Two days later, on Thursday the 8th, I had an appointment with my OB. She didn’t have my labs back yet, but she was pretty positive that I in fact had cholestasis. She completely caught me off guard and said, "Because of the risks, we are going to be delivering this baby in the next 24-36 hours." My jaw dropped! I was definitely not expecting to go to this OB appointment and be scheduled for a C-section for the following night! She had me go back to the hospital for a NST and to do all my pre-op labs and paperwork. This was seriously happening.

I didn't have to be at the hospital until 5:00pm on Friday the 9th, so I spent my morning brunching with my mom, sisters, and kiddo. We all got our nails done, and then I had a chance to rest a little while Baylee took a nap. When it was finally time to head out I was so excited but soooo nervous. I had never had a surgery before so I didn't know what to expect!

Brian got off work and met us at the hospital. He was one excited daddy! They took me to a L&D room just to prep me, and I got to relax, pray, and listen to my sweet girl's heartbeat on the monitor for a couple of hours.

When it was go-time, Brian and I said "see you later" to my mom and sisters and headed toward the OR. I got to walk myself which I really appreciated.

Once we got into the OR, I felt a lot more calm. This was going to happen...I was about to meet my sweet little rainbow IVF baby that I worked so hard to grow! I met the anesthesiologist, and he explained everything about my spinal block. I had gotten an epidural with Baylee so I knew it would be a similar feeling. Once he was done, I immediately felt my legs start to get heavy. They helped me lay down on the operating table, and I tried to relax and breathe while they set everything up on the other side of the curtain. It felt like a thousand years waiting for Brian to come in. When they finally did, I felt more peaceful but also had a hard time taking deep breaths. I was terrified at what I was going to be able to feel. I didn't have any pain at all, just a lot of tugging and pulling sensations. Then, I heard "We have two feet and ten toes!" and I got so excited! My silly little footling breech babe! They delivered her legs and bottom and said "It's a girl!" and a few minutes later at 7:42 P.M. Natalie Louise Faith entered the world. She wasn't crying at first, so I got a little worried, but after some suctioning she finally let out her first wail. Such a wonderful moment! Brian was called over to her warmer to take pictures. She had a little trouble breathing on her own at first, but after getting a little oxygen in her lungs, she was just fine. I couldn't wait for Brian to be able to bring her over to my head so I could finally see her sweet face! When they finally did, I saw that she was completely big sister's twin! My heart was so happy!

When they took her away to the nursery, Brian got to go with her. Outside the OR my family was waiting to meet her! Everyone was excited and couldn't believe how tiny she was!

 While they were sewing me up, I got a little tachycardia and felt like I was going to pass out, but the anesthesiologist helped me breathe and gave me a little something to relax me, so after that I was better. They transferred me to a new bed and took me down to recovery. I didn't feel any pain but I was sooo thirsty. It was driving me crazy. I was able to have some ice chips, and then Brian was finally able to bring Natalie to me. We did our skin to skin and our first breastfeeding session. She latched on like a champ and I was so happy! After an hour or so, they finally wheeled me up to my room, and we were all able to finally get some rest and stare at her little perfect self. :) 

The next morning, my sisters brought Baylee to the hospital to meet her baby sis. She was so excited and completely fell in love with her! It felt so amazing to have my family of four all together for the first time. (Even though I was super drugged up and kept falling asleep mid-conversation with everyone!)


Everything was going very well with my recovery in the hospital (I was just super sore and tired), but we noticed on Saturday that Natalie started looking a little yellow. They started to run labs for her every 12 hours, and on Sunday night her pediatrician decided that her bilirubin level was too high so we had to do 12 hours of phototherapy. It's never fun seeing your little nugget in the incubator, but I knew it was a good call. By Monday afternoon her levels were down, and we finally got discharged!  

Life has been a crazy whirlwind since then, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Welcome to the world, Baby Natalie! You were always meant to be!

Until next time! XoXoXo



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