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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

As a mama who has kiddos with very sensitive skin, I'm always on the hunt for baby products that are more on the natural side, and won't make their skin rashy. Baylee has eczema, so I have to be especially careful about what I use on her skin. Recently, a friend of mine introduced me to a line of baby care products (and products for mommy too!) called Beautycounter and I immediately got excited about it. They are a completely honest company when it comes to what kind of ingredients they use in each of their products. They also abide by a list called "The Never List" which are potentially harmful ingredients that are still legal in the U.S. (but banned in other countries) that they vow to never have in any of their products. And the best part? Nothing is ridiculously expensive. With Beautycounter you are getting a safe, high quality product for around the same price as you would spend on a similar product completely full of potentially harmful chemicals. I was sold, so I decided to give their baby bundle a try! The bundle includes baby wash, balm, and oil, and so far I LOVE them all!

The wash is very gentle, and we follow it up with the oil after I dry them off. The balm is perfect for any dry skin or eczema flares, and I also use it when Natalie has diaper rash! It's so reassuring to know that I can go on the website and look up exactly what I am putting on my kids. 

As you can see, Miss Natalie is definitely a fan! :) 
We love bath time with Beautycounter

If you want to try out these amazing products for yourself (or any of the other products they have!) just click here to place an order. You can also contact me with any questions you might have. There is a 60 day money back guarantee, so trying it out is completely risk free, which is SO important when it comes to sensitive baby skin. I am also hosting a giveaway on my Instagram for one of my followers, so make sure you click here to enter!

Until next time! XoXoXo

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