B. Toys Under the Tree

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Can someone please explain to me how tomorrow is already Thanksgiving?! In years past, I have pretty much finished my Christmas shopping by Black Friday, but this year I definitely do not have it together. For those of you, like me, who still have a ton of shopping to do, I decided I'm going to do a mini series featuring a few of my favorite toys for the little ones! We are starting with my favorite toy brand of all-time, B. Toys!

I starting buying B. Toys back in 2014 when Baylee was a baby. My Target had just gotten them in stock, and I fell in love with how different the colors and characters were. We started with the whacky ball and musical instruments and added more every Christmas and birthday (including this keyboard which she still plays with to this day!) Every toy they make is amazing quality and so much fun to play with. 

We recently got the aBc Block Party and Under the Sea Jamboree for Natalie, and they quickly turned into her favorite toys. She has been a happy camper playing with them every single day. 

Now that Baylee is older, she likes to play with toys from B.'s sister store, Lil Woodzeez. She has the Countryside Cottage house and the squirrel family, and she has been having the best time naming them, and pretending to have them interact with each other. Hours and hours of fun!

There's no doubt in my mind we will have more B. Toys and Lil Woodzeez under our tree this year! We always find ours at Target and they are often on sale, so make sure you check them out! What are your favorite toys from B.?

 Have a Happy Thanksgiving, my loves; and a safe and fun Black Friday! :)


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