Love List!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Hello 2017, you are already off to a great start! I haven't done a Love List in a while, so I thought I'd pick out a few things that I am loving for the start of this new year.

Baylee has been enjoying her Christmas presents so much, but so far the clear winners have been her easel and her doctor's lab coat. My dad got her this easel from Melissa & Doug, and I love it so much. They make the cutest and best quality wood toys out there, and her and I both love having the chalk board and dry erase boards for when Mama doesn't feel like having a paint mess. ;) 

Her lab coat was a discovery by my Grandpa. Baylee loves her doctors kit and is always giving her stuffed toys "check-ups" just like Doc McStuffins, so he found a company that would personalize a lab coat that was just her size. She's basically been living in it since Christmas Eve, and I think it's the cutest thing!

One of the best things about January is all of the after-Christmas sales that stores to to get ready to move in new inventory. Right now, Target is having a huge clearance sale on all of their clothing. Also, my lovely friend at Nell's Bow Co currently has all of her bows marked 50-75% off! It's such a steal, so don't miss out!

In the new launch department, my ever favorite June & January had a huge launch tonight of new inventory, and the polka dot sleepers and bonnets are making me have more baby fever than ever before! On Tuesday, January 10th Little Juneberry will be releasing their line of Valentine's Day bows, and I can't wait to see what all her new fabrics look like!

In the little Disney side of my world, I am so beyond excited about the return of the Electrical Parade! I will never forget how much I loved watching this parade as a kid, and I can not wait to see the excitement on Baylee's face when she watches it for the first time! It will definitely be worth a 3 hour curb wait just to have front row spots on Main St. to see it. ;)

And now, my favorite "love" on this January Love List of mine, is the announcement that last night my little sister got engaged at Disneyland to her dream guy! They have been together for 7 years, and I am so happy that they are finally able to start planning this next step in their relationship. I don't have the words to even begin to explain how proud I am of the two of them, and how ecstatic I am to have a new brother, but I think their happy faces in this picture explains my exact emotion perfectly. :)

Congratulations Andrew & Nicole!  

Now, let's plan a wedding!!! Woot!

Until next time! XoXoXo

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