Today With Bay!

Friday, February 24, 2017

7:40 Good Morning Baylee!

 We had some quiet time in Mommy and Daddy's bed before heading to the front room. Baylee must have been dreaming about "The Lion King" because she woke up telling us all about "baby Simba".


8:00 Early morning guitar show!

8:10 Cinderella has entered the building! 

8:30 Breakfast time! 

9:00 "Check-ups" with Daddy! 

 So that Mom could get ready. ;)

10:00 Ready for our day! 

10:30 On the road! 

10:50 Starbs in hand! 

11:00 Ulta for a new curling iron for Mommy! 

11:30 Grocery store run! 

12:15 Homeward bound! 

12:30 Rest before nap time. 

1:00 Time for ni-night! 

 1:30 Naptime tea. 

4:00 Baylee finally wakes up! 

That was a long nap, girl!

4:15 Daddy time! 

I couldn't figure out why Brian wanted to go to Target alone with Baylee but then I remembered that my birthday is in 8 days. :)

4:30 Laundry and Netflix

 While the kids are away the Mamas watch real shows!

5:45 Cooking tacos. 

6:15 Dinner time! 

7:00 Scrub-a-dub! 

7:30 Warm milky :) 

8:30 Goodnight, my girl!

Until next time! XoXoXo



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