Today With Bay!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

7:15 Wake up juice time!

7:20 Breakfast for Mama.

8:00 Good Morning Beautiful!

8:10 All of Baylee's animals must go potty before she will.

8:15 Cozy cartoons on the couch. :)

8:30 Dino egg oatmeal for breakfast.

8:35 This kid has the life.

9:00 Dinner prep...copycat Chipotle barbacoa!

9:45 Put up some patriotic decor for Memorial Day. 

10:00 Chalk & outside play time!

10:30 How Baylee rolls.

11:00 OOTD (Or at least until nap time.)

 11:00 My pineapple. :)

12:00 Mama's quick lunch. (Because toddlers are busy.)

12:15 Baylee's snack time.

12:30 Milk and movie time.

1:00 Baylee naps & Mama relaxes.

3:00 Awake and immediately back outside to paint!

3:30 Ta-da!

4:00 Just swingin'.

5:00 Target run to pick up tortillas with Daddy!

6:00 Finish up dinner prep.

6:25 Baylee's Dinner

6:30 Mama & Daddy's dinner. (We so win!)

7:00 End the night with s'mores around the firepit!

Until next time! XoXoXo


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