Easter 2018

Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter this year was so much fun! One of my favorite things is to watch Baylee gain more understanding and get more excited for each holiday every year, and this Easter was no exception! Baylee went right to sleep the night before when I told her that the Easter Bunny couldn't come until she was sleeping. The next morning, she came in my room before sunrise wanting to see if the Bunny came. I had her get in my bed so I could finish my coffee before we started our morning. While we were sitting there her and I talked about Jesus and the true reason we celebrate Easter and we thanked Jesus for dying for our sins so that we could join Him in Heaven one day. :)

Once I was caffeinated enough, the girls and I headed to our living room, and sure enough, the Bunny had come! Baylee was so excited that he left baskets for both her and baby sissy. Natalie was less than thrilled and slept through most of the morning, but it was really cute to see Baylee include her sister in the festivities.

Once we finished baskets, the hunt was on! Baylee ran around like crazy searching for her eggs, and she found all 18 of them without any help from me! She opened them up and was super excited to find that most of them contained Shopkins. We always have sooo much leftover candy, so this year we did Shopkins instead, and I have to say they were an even bigger hit than candy would have been!


After the egg hunt, my dad came up to visit and joined us for breakfast. I made the cutest "bunny booty" pancakes and scrambled eggs. Just as we were finishing up, the neighbors came over and gave Baylee about 50 eggs filled with candy and money, and then Brian finally got home from work and our morning got even better! :)

In the afternoon, we did some grocery shopping (because adulting lol) and we got to try out Natalie's shopping cart hammock for the first time! It was so awesome, I'm definitely going to have to do a post soon about how much and why I love this little contraption!

Once we got home, we got dressed in our Easter best and went out to dinner because this mommy dropped the ball on prepping for an Easter dinner at home. It turned out to be so much fun though, and it was pretty great to not have to cook or clean up!

It was definitely one of the best and most relaxing Easters we have ever had, which was perfect for how crazy life has been lately! Now, we are so ready for warm weather and to get some use out of the girls' bathing suits that they got in their baskets! 

Hope you all had a very wonderful Easter, friends!

Until next time! XoXoXo

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