9-12 Month Must Haves!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

It was so hard to narrow down this list of "must haves", because there are so many awesome things for babies at this age. I think these are pretty much the ones we use the most, though, so here are my 9-12 month must haves! :)

 We have a lot of different kinds of sippy cups that we love, but so far this one is Baylee's favorite. She stays true to her Nuk brand! ;) I don't know if it's because it reminds her of her bottles or what, but whenever I give her water in this one she guzzles it down. We will be transitioning to milk in her sippy very soon, but right now her bottles are still her jam.

We got this as a gift from my grandparents, and I love it! I fill it with Cheerios or other snacks and throw it in the diaper bag and we are good to go. It's great because I can hand it to Baylee to let her feed herself in the car or while we are strolling around Target. She figured out how to manipulate it so that she can shake some out, but for the most part nothing really spills out unless you use force. 

These are Baylee's favorite snack. They're not the healthiest ever, but they're definitely better than the alternative! They come in a few different flavors and are pretty tasty. I love that they're not very messy either, so just a quick hand wipe is all out need for clean up on the go.

Now that Baylee has 6 teeth, I knew it was time to start taking care of those pearly whites! This oral care kit is great...I give her the toothbrush to practice with, and I use the fingertip brush to really get them squeaky clean. We also use the Aquafresh training toothpaste. It's safe to swallow and come in a strawberry banana flavor, which she loves. 

Baylee got this toy for her birthday and she is absolutely obsessed with it. It has a ton of buttons and slides and makes the cutest sounds. She can sit and play with it quietly for a good ten minutes which is like forever for a 1 year old! Her favorite part is that it has a light switch that turns the light in the house on and off because she just learned how to work the light switches at home.

As I've mentioned before, books are Baylee's favorite things in the world. We have reached the age of tearing the pages though, so board books are our friend. These Dr. Seuss ones are tiny and adorable, but there are many other books that come in the board book form as well.

They're kind of an unconventional "must have", but they're something we use every single day. Cutting up Baylee's food in to bite sized pieces was getting tedious, so I started using my kitchen shears and it has made my life so much better. I can cut up her food quickly and not have to worry about any choking from pieces that are a little too big for her. If you get nothing else off this list get these...you're welcome! ;)

Until next time! XoXoXo

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