Snowbelle Returns!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Our wonderful little Scout Elf, Snowbelle, returned this morning with some goodies for Baylee! The kid was awestruck and speechless when she saw one of Santa's actual elves sitting on our dining room table!

I read the letter that Snowbelle wrote her about being good, and that she would be watching and reporting back to Santa and Baylee nodded and smiled. I think this may actually work this year. ;)

Snowbelle brought Baylee a coloring book and stickers, reindeer socks, a glass mug thats kiddo sized, and some Rudolph donuts. Baylee spent 2 hours this morning munching on her donuts while coloring and sticking stickers in her new book. It was so much fun to watch her be so excited and in to it! We are going to have a blast seeing what kind of shenanigans Snowbelle gets herself in to this year!

And now time to get started on those Christmas cards! This is truly the best season of all! 

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Until next time! XoXoXo

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