My Bucket List

Friday, March 3, 2017

When I was in my Senior year of high school, I was super bored in English class one day, so I decided to write out a "Bucket List" on a piece of notebook paper. I folded it up and carried it around in my wallet so that every time I did something on it I could check it off and write the date in which I did so. What's crazy is that I actually managed to knock off at least half the items in about 12 years, and I was really proud of myself! 

Then one day, about a year ago, Baylee managed to dump some water in my purse which turned some rogue fishy crackers that were hiding in the bottom in to a goopy, nasty mess. Because my wallet and purse were both machine washable, I took everything out and put them in the washing machine, but somehow I left the paper with my bucket list! Noooo! I didn't notice until I took them out of the dryer and all that was left was a bunch of tiny paper balls. So sad.

Since that day, I have been wanting to write out a new bucket list. My birthday is Sunday, so I figured this would be the perfect time to think about things that I want to do in my life before I "kick the bucket". :)

Also, this picture is of me checking off "ride a horse on the beach/in the ocean" from the aforementioned bucket list while on our honeymoon in Jamaica!


My Bucket List (Part II)

1. Go to the Westminster Dog Show. (Sounds so silly, but I watch it on TV every year and love it so! lol)
2. See a number of country artists in concert including: Tim McGraw, Dierks Bentley, Josh Turner, Eric Church, Jason Aldean, & Florida Georgia Line.
3. Publish a book. (Either a children's book or a novel.)
4. Drink a glass of wine in Rome.

5. Be kissed on the top of the Eiffel Tower. 

6. Learn to Surf in Hawaii.(Like actually stand up on the board and catch a wave!)
7. Fly a plane. (With professional assistance of course.)

8. Ride in a hot air balloon. 

9. Run a half marathon. 

10. Road trip with Brian across the United States with no itinerary. 

11. See the Northern Lights.
12. Go white water rafting. 

13. Visit every Disney theme park in the world & go to Aulani as well as take a Disney cruise. 

14. Learn sign language. 

15. Rent a beach house for a whole summer. 

16. Finish school and get a bachelors degree. (Long story but I only have about a year left once I decide to go back!) 

17. Go on an African safari. 

18. Move outside of California. 

19. Catch fireflies in a mason jar. 

20. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

21. Renew my vows with Brian on a beach in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii (the place we were temporarily living when fell in love).

I think it's very important to have a list of things you want to accomplish in life be they big or small, silly or intense, because we only have one life to live, and we should all make the most of it! 

For this weekend, though, my only things on my list are making sure that my little family gets healthy (Baylee and Brian both got hit with the flu, and Baylee got pink eye a few days ago! So terrible!) and scrubbing & disinfecting this house before my birthday on Sunday! 

It's nothing like getting a kiss from a dolphin, but it'll do for now. ;)


What are your top things on your bucket list???

Until next time XoXoXo


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