Waiting For Baby

Monday, January 29, 2018

My sweet little rainbow baby will be here any day, and I am so eager to meet her! I visit her nursery on the daily now just to get my nesting fix and look at all her adorable clothes that I can't wait to dress her up in. It's amazing how much more prepared I feel this time with her being my second baby. With Baylee, I had no real idea what I would need, so I just rolled with it and we added things as we went. This time around, I have a much clearer idea of what we will truly be using during her first year of life. And is it just me, or have the coolest products ever just become popular over the last 4 years?! The three items I have this time that I truly wish I had with Baylee are the Dock-A-Tot, Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock, and the Ollie Swaddle. I am so excited to try it all out with my littlest love! 

I have heard rave reviews about the Dock-A-Tot, and I have a feeling I am going to love it just as much as everyone else does. We have a bedside bassinet for sleeping at night and during naps, so my plan for the Dock-A-Tot is to use it whenever I just need to set her down for a little while. I definitely picture her chillin' in it while I'm working on a blog post and drinking some coffee in my bed next to her. Plus, let's face it, they make for the most beautiful and cozy looking baby pictures. :)

I have been dreaming of owning an Ollie Swaddle ever since Baylee was little and would break free from her swaddles. This is the softest swaddle I have ever felt, and the velcro is super strong and secure. I also love that the bottom end ties up with the band, so there's no guessing games or awkward swaddle tricks. I definitely plan on making a video once she's here of how easy this swaddle is to use, because you guys won't believe it.

With this baby being my second, I knew a Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock would be an absolute must! We frequent Target, so I need somewhere to put my little babe while Baylee is taking up all the space up front in the cart. I do plan on wearing her sometimes, but the hammock is so perfect to set her in and go. Plus, there's no bulky car seat taking up the entire cart space, which means more room for all my dollar section finds! :)

I am so stoked to start taking care of this little one that I can't even contain myself!

If you own any of these three products let me know what you think of them, or what are some creative ways that you use them with your babes?! 

Until next time! XoXoXo

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