What's In My Hospital Bag

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I have the "second baby slackin'" thing going on over here, so I am 34.5 weeks and just now packing my bag! I will get it done and ready though, and hopefully we will be meeting her in just a few weeks! It's so nice to know what I definitely do want to bring and what I can leave at home this time around. 


Here is a complete list of what I am packing bag (and some of the reasons why).

1. PinkBlush Robe. I plan on breastfeeding, and I feel like this will be the absolute most comfortable thing for that. Also, because I am having a C-section this time around it will make it easier for the nurses to check my incision. 
2. Milk Snob car seat cover. Not only is this the best car seat cover ever, it also doubles as a nursing cover!
3. Nursing tanks. You can seriously never have enough nursing tanks if you are breastfeeding or pumping. I have two that I am bringing to the hospital, but I plan on getting a few more for home. Also, a nursing bra!
4. Swaddle blankets. They definitely give you blankets to use at the hospital, but I love, love, love bringing my own. The ones I have are much softer, and will make for way cuter pictures. :) (blogger life)
5. Newborn outfits/accessories. I am bringing a few different outfit changes for the baby as well as some pajamas. The newborn snap tops from June & January are the absolute best for fresh babies!
6. Boppy. If you are nursing you will use this like crazy, I promise! I used mine every time I nursed Baylee for the first few weeks.
7. Pineapple juice. When my milk started to dry up while I was exclusively pumping, I started drinking pineapple juice every day and it helped tremendously. This time around, I am going to start drinking it in the hospital from day one just to try and get a head start!
8. Wireless speaker. Well, my original idea for the speaker was to have music to listen to while I was laboring, but since I am going to have her sectioned out now, I plan on using it for my few days stay in the hospital. I'm not a huge TV person, so it will be nice to have a little background music to drown out the hospital noises.
9. Pillow from home. Hospital pillows are pretty uncomfortable, so I highly recommend bringing your own.
10. Towel from home. Same as the pillow, hospital towels are small and scratchy, so I'm bringing a nice fluffy towel for my first shower. (A dark color is smart.)
11. Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, loofah, shampoo, conditioner, face soap, Q-tips, and lotion.
12. Pajama pants. Hospitals are cold, so as soon as you can put on normal clothes, some cozy pajama pants are the best.
13. Going home outfit for me. I'm definitely not getting fancy, just leggings and a maternity shirt.
14. Phone and phone charger.
15. Chapstick.
16. Hair ties.
17. Camera and camera charger.
18. Shower flip flops...because ew.
19. Comfy socks and/or slippers. I will probably bring my moccasins for walking the hospital halls.
20. Newborn mittens.
21. Burp cloths. They give you wash cloths to use at the hospital for spit up incidents, but I find actual burp cloths to be so much softer and easier.
22. Car seat. For taking baby home!
23. Clothes/pajamas/toiletries for Daddy.
24. Snacks, because hospital food is kind of "meh".
25. A small gift for the baby to "give" to Baylee the first time they meet!
26. Makeup, because it's nice to freshen up and look/feel good for pictures.

Here are some things I brought last time around that I am definitely leaving at home. We either didn't use it, or the hospital provided plenty. 

1. Diapers
2. Wipes
3. Nipple cream
4. Diaper rash cream
5. Breast pump
6. Nursing pads
7. Baby book

Here's hoping I didn't miss anything! ;)
If I did, leave a comment below...I would love to add your suggestions!

Until next time! XoXoXo

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