Nursery Ideas on the Brain

Thursday, January 9, 2014

These days my mind is constantly on baby. What will he or she look like? Is baby a girl or a boy? What day in August (or July if we have an early bird!) will baby make their big debut? Since I definitely have to wait to find out the answers to those questions, I have been trying to focus on the things I get to decide on...namely, the nursery!

The day Brian and I moved in to our house, I walked into the smaller of our two spare rooms and said, "Babe...this is going to be a nursery one day!" Right now it is literally a room of nothing except my bulldogs' crates and a bookshelf of random stuff, but when I get through with it, it is going to be Baby Heaven! I can't wait to find out the sex so we can actually start making some firm decisions. So far all that's set in stone is our crib:

I am a sucker for cherry wood everything, and I love that the changing table is attached. The room is fairly small, so anything that is a space-saver will make a big difference!

Now, the fun part! Picking out a cute theme to go with the crib. If it's a boy, I have it easy! I saw this bedding before I even knew I was pregnant and fell in love:

It's so rustic and woodsy! I love it so much! Of course, if Brian had it his way we would be doing the entire nursery in Woodland Camouflage no matter the sex, but that's definitely not going to happen...not in my house! Haha. I'm not crazy about the green walls in this pic, however. I would definitely go with a brown or dark beige, and even considering doing an accent wall in wood planks! How cool would that look?!

Now, here comes my issue. They just make TOO many cute themes for girls! I've narrowed it down to a few, but I still have no idea which one I love most!

I love the soft elegance of this one, and the grey is just different! It's surely a pretty princess room!

This one is just so fru-fru and screams prima ballerina! I love how simple and chic the print is.

This one is literally my wedding! Hot pink! Black and white damask! I'm having flashbacks! :)

Here's where I am really torn, the other three are simple and chic, but I love all the pops of color in this one! I've never been a huge fan of green, but the way it offsets the pink is just fun!

It's been a blast looking at all the cute ideas that are online these days! We still need to pick out a dresser, and I'm thinking of finding a garage sale deal and repurposing instead of going with something brand new. Also, we managed to salvage my toy box from when I was a baby, so Brian is going to mess around with it and turn it into something that matches the baby's room! It's fun to think that one day my little one will be taking all of their toys out of it and throwing them all over the room just like I used to do! (sorry mom!) 

With that, I'm back to my online shopping browsing, and still working on how the heck to get a Slurpee in my possession A.S.A.P! Come back on Saturday for my 10 Week Bump-date! :)

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