We're Having A Baby

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hi everybody! Since I get so many questions asking how I am feeling and how our little olive is doing (you are amazing and I appreciate the love!), I decided to make a blog to document my pregnancy! You can follow along and watch the bump grow, and it will be fun to show baby when he or she is older! My next post will be a bump-date, but for now I'll start with the story of how this all happened! :)

As you all know, Brian and I got married on 10.18.2013. We had discussed trying for a baby soon after the wedding, because 7 years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS and told that the chances of me getting preggo without hormone shots was very slim. We wanted to give it a shot though, so we set ourselves a 6 month time frame before we would seek help. So, we moved into our new house, I downloaded an app and started charting my basil body temperature and....

I knew it! I knew a week before we found out. I just felt...different. So, on the day that my period was "late" I decided "what the heck?" It the test was negative, oh well, try again! If it was positive, OMG!!! After work we bought a pregnancy test and I ran to the bathroom telling Brian to go ahead and start dinner and I would be out in a minute. Within 30 seconds of setting the pee stick on the counter I saw this:

My reaction? "HOLY CRAP! NO WAY!" I couldn't believe it! With my hands shaking I wrote a little note that said "Hi Daddy!" and ran the test out to Brian. He was totally shocked, but ecstatic and may have even teared up a little! ;) 

I called the very next morning and made my first prenatal appointment. They told me I would have an ultrasound, so I was so excited! Those two weeks waiting to go felt like forever, but when the day came and we saw our little blob on the screen and heard the heartbeat...oh, it was so worth the wait! I've never felt a heart so full of love for someone that I've never met!!!

We have another ultrasound in a couple of weeks, can't wait to see our little one again! Tiny baby Tibbetts is on their way!!!

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