12 Week Bump-date

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Well, this has definitely been the most stressful week of my pregnancy so far. I went back to work on Tuesday, and suddenly being stuck home with morning sickness didn't seem so bad anymore! Getting up at 4:30 am was killer, and then spending an 8 hour shift in a desk chair brings another world of problems! Once we got home around 5:15 pm I would take a shower and bed in bed fast asleep by 6:00.  Not my idea of a fun day! :( I attempted to push through the rest of the week, but by 12:30 pm on Friday, my sciatica pain reached a whole new level and I couldn't even focus or sit still. I had Brian pick me up early so I could rest it my back and leg. Sooo, it's back to the drawing board we go! I want to keep working, but we're thinking that maybe going part time would be the best things for me considering my sciatica pain is only going to get worse as my belly gets bigger! Boo. 

In lighter happier news, we picked BABY NAMES! Yaysies!!! We have decided on two boys names and two girls names, and the day baby is born we will pick on of the two. :) Sorry though, we are not revealing our choices. Since we decided to find out the gender, we figured we have to keep something a surprise for baby's birthday. I can't wait!

How far along: 12 weeks
Gender Prediction: Still Team Blue...although, so far, all the "Old Wives Tales" point to girl! (Craving sweets, bad morning sickness, and baby's heart beat being over 140 bpm are all signs that it's a girl!)
Weight gain: I'm still staying steady at 2 lbs under my weight before pregnancy...hoping that now that the morning sickness is virtually gone I will start seeing that scale climb!
Maternity clothes: Got a Bella Band and OMG! It's the coolest thing ever! You can wear any pair of pants unbuttoned and it keeps them right up!
Stretch marks: Nope
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Since I've been back to work exhaustion has reached a whole new level...so, yes....I'm sleeping GREAT!
Best moment this week: Picking names for our little plum!
Worst moment this week: My four shifts at work were pretty horrid. :(
Miss anything: Not being in pain all the time...
Movement: Nothing since I felt it last week, but still looking for it. I can't wait to feel baby's movements as he or she gets bigger!
Cravings: Fruit, milk, ice cream, and gummy bears!
Anything make you queasy or sick: Still getting queasy at night, especially if I'm really tired, but for the most part the morning sickness is gone...finally!
Looking forward to: Watching my bump grow...I feel like I really popped this week so it's been pretty neat to see what a difference just one night can make!
Weekly Wisdom: Starting to realize just how much God is telling me to listen to my body and what it needs! Trying to slow down and realize I can't do it all...I deserve to ENJOY my pregnancy!

11 Week Bump-date!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

This week has been a crazy one, but I've been able to get a lot of rest in. We had an ultrasound on Monday, the 13th and got to see our little nugget in action! Baby was so wiggly that the doctor could not get a good picture! Kind of a bummer, but happy to see a little active, growing baby! Heart rate was a strong 162 bpm, and my due date moved from the 7th to the 4th of August! Yay! My money is on a late July baby though...I just have a feeling we won't make it to August! 

In other news, Brian being the kind, sweet, amazing hubby that he is bought me the body pillow of my dreams AND a baby name book! He so totally rocks! It's the coolest baby name book I have ever seen! Each name has spelling variations, meaning, spiritual connotation, and a scripture from the Bible! Be still my heart! I'm having fun flipping through and can't wait to really dive in and start picking the ones I love the most. We decided that we are going to have a girl's and boy's name picked before we find out the gender, just to be fair. :) 

And now, the 11 week bump-date!

How far along: 11 weeks
Gender Prediction: Ok, I think I officially switched over to Team Blue...I'd put money on it being a boy now!
Weight gain: Lost a pound this week...I have no idea how with all the frosting I've been eating by the spoon-full, but I'm trying to eat more.
Maternity clothes: None, but we are going on a Target trek tomorrow, so I think I might get a couple of things for work.
Stretch marks: Nope
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: MUCH better with my new body pillow...it's seriously a preggo's BFF!
Best moment this week: Seeing our little peanut dancing around the screen! Love good appointments!
Worst moment this week: Stressing about going back to work on Monday...not to sure how this will pan out, but I have to try!
Miss anything: Even though meat mostly sounds so gross to me, I could totally go for a Quizno's turkey ranch melt! This whole "no deli meat" thing is getting to me. :(
Movement: Felt the tiniest little butterfly wing in my abdomen a couple of days ago while doing my pregnancy yoga! It stopped me in my tracks! I can't wait to feel stronger movement as baby grows!
Cravings: Still fruit...smoothies are my fav!
Anything make you queasy or sick: Still can't eat meat, but its getting a little easier to smell it now.
Looking forward to: Second trimester is just around the corner! Glory! Hallelujah! 
Weekly Wisdom: Yoga DVDs for pregnancy are amazing! It's kinda strange at first, but I feel so much better after I do it and it helps with sleeping and headaches!

10 Week Bump-date!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Here's the 10 week bump-date! So happy to finally have reached double digits...only 3 more weeks of the first trimester! This week has been a roller coaster for me emotionally and physically; those hormones are definitely going crazy! This coming week should be my last one off of work, so I'm looking forward to relaxing and enjoying my last week of peace and quiet! :)

How far along: 10 weeks
Gender Prediction: Been 100% thinking that it's a girl, but suddenly this week I'm leaning toward boy! Eeeep...I just don't know! lol
Weight gain: I still haven't gained back my pre-baby weight, but I only have a few more pounds to go! 
Maternity clothes: None yet; still just PJs and yoga pants...I know, I'm so stylish!
Stretch marks: Nope...fingers crossed!
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Starting to toss and turn from back and hip pain. I definitely need to invest in a body pillow A.S.A.P!
Best moment this week: Actually having enough energy to clean my house! It was starting to look like a Febreeze commercial!
Worst moment this week: My bad nausea coming back for a few days sucked...it was like two steps forward one step back. :(
Miss anything: I miss not stressing about what I'm going to eat next. It's ridiculous how bad my aversions get sometimes. Boo.
Movement: Still too tiny!
Cravings: Hit a new low this week and started eating vanilla frosting right out of the can. I want fruit alllllll the time and anything sweet!
Anything make you queasy or sick: Meat of all kinds and sometimes anything. After 6pm everything sounds crappy. :(
Looking forward to: Tomorrow's ultrasound! Can't wait to see how much our little one has changed!
Weekly Wisdom: Get a body pillow the day you find out you are preggo. I am totally regretting not having one right now!

Nursery Ideas on the Brain

Thursday, January 9, 2014

These days my mind is constantly on baby. What will he or she look like? Is baby a girl or a boy? What day in August (or July if we have an early bird!) will baby make their big debut? Since I definitely have to wait to find out the answers to those questions, I have been trying to focus on the things I get to decide on...namely, the nursery!

The day Brian and I moved in to our house, I walked into the smaller of our two spare rooms and said, "Babe...this is going to be a nursery one day!" Right now it is literally a room of nothing except my bulldogs' crates and a bookshelf of random stuff, but when I get through with it, it is going to be Baby Heaven! I can't wait to find out the sex so we can actually start making some firm decisions. So far all that's set in stone is our crib:

I am a sucker for cherry wood everything, and I love that the changing table is attached. The room is fairly small, so anything that is a space-saver will make a big difference!

Now, the fun part! Picking out a cute theme to go with the crib. If it's a boy, I have it easy! I saw this bedding before I even knew I was pregnant and fell in love:

It's so rustic and woodsy! I love it so much! Of course, if Brian had it his way we would be doing the entire nursery in Woodland Camouflage no matter the sex, but that's definitely not going to happen...not in my house! Haha. I'm not crazy about the green walls in this pic, however. I would definitely go with a brown or dark beige, and even considering doing an accent wall in wood planks! How cool would that look?!

Now, here comes my issue. They just make TOO many cute themes for girls! I've narrowed it down to a few, but I still have no idea which one I love most!

I love the soft elegance of this one, and the grey is just different! It's surely a pretty princess room!

This one is just so fru-fru and screams prima ballerina! I love how simple and chic the print is.

This one is literally my wedding! Hot pink! Black and white damask! I'm having flashbacks! :)

Here's where I am really torn, the other three are simple and chic, but I love all the pops of color in this one! I've never been a huge fan of green, but the way it offsets the pink is just fun!

It's been a blast looking at all the cute ideas that are online these days! We still need to pick out a dresser, and I'm thinking of finding a garage sale deal and repurposing instead of going with something brand new. Also, we managed to salvage my toy box from when I was a baby, so Brian is going to mess around with it and turn it into something that matches the baby's room! It's fun to think that one day my little one will be taking all of their toys out of it and throwing them all over the room just like I used to do! (sorry mom!) 

With that, I'm back to my online shopping browsing, and still working on how the heck to get a Slurpee in my possession A.S.A.P! Come back on Saturday for my 10 Week Bump-date! :)

9 Week Bump-date!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

As promised, here is my first weekly bump-date! At my appointment with my OB he gave me an estimated due date of August 7th, 2014 based on the size of the little one. So, that puts me at 9 weeks and two days today! Yay! We have finally hit the last month of my first trimester! 

I am so excited to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel from this first trimester misery. I was only 4 weeks when I found out I was preggo, so I had no clue what was coming. Weeks 4 and 5 were great. I was exhausted, but hungry all the time! Then, out of the blue I woke up on my 5th day of week 5 and swore I was on a boat out in the middle of the ocean. The dreaded "morning sickness" had hit. I put morning sickness in quotations because it is literally the worst name ever given. Seriously...whoever deemed it "morning sickness" was clearly a man! It's more like all day, every day sickness with a few minutes of relief here and there. At first it was bearable, but by the middle of week 6 it hit full force. I was sooooo sick, losing weight fast, and very dehydrated. I made another appointment to see my doctor and within 5 minutes of my visit he gave me 4 weeks off of work. Wow...what a difference it has made! I could actually get the rest I needed, and focus on trying to get food to stay down. I still continued to loose weight over weeks 7 and most of 8, but as soon as I reached the end of week 8 I finally had a good day and ate PIZZA! I have seriously never been so happy to eat a piece of pizza in my whole life. So, it looks like my last month is going to be a combo of good days and bad days, and I get to go back to work on January 20th! Not too shabby! :)

Today has been another one of those good days. I actually got up, washed and straightened my hair, AND put on makeup! Woah! Unheard of! I'd like to say I did it to remind my poor husband that he didn't marry a slob, but truth be told...I wanted my bump pic to be cute! Hahaha I'm terrible...and now...the bump-date!

How far along: 9 weeks
Gender Prediction: I think it's a girl and Brian thinks its a boy! I can't wait to find out!
Weight gain: I've lost 7 lbs 
Maternity clothes: I'm living in PJs and yoga pants right now, but I'm definitely going to need to invest in some maternity dress pants for work before I go back
Stretch marks: Not yet...bought some Palmer's at Target today! Fingers crossed!
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Sleeping well minus getting up to pee 2 or 3 times every night! That has gotten old real quick! lol
Best moment this week: Definitely eating and keeping down pizza! Oh happy day!
Worst moment this week: Started having uterus "growing pains" and it is the freakiest thing I've ever felt! Its a sharp, shooting pain from mid-tummy all the way down!
Miss anything: Sushi...although its not likely I could keep it down anyway! lol
Movement: Not yet...baby it still too tiny!
Cravings: Pineapple, donuts, frozen yogurt, sugary cereals, and strawberries (sweet stuff is my friend!)
Anything make you queasy or sick: Pretty much all meat, the smell of hard alcohol, the smell of most coffee, and any food that has a lot of seasoning on it. Whenever Brian cooks I want to die! 
Looking forward to: Trimester Two and our second ultrasound on the 13th! Can't wait to see how baby is doing! :)

We're Having A Baby

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hi everybody! Since I get so many questions asking how I am feeling and how our little olive is doing (you are amazing and I appreciate the love!), I decided to make a blog to document my pregnancy! You can follow along and watch the bump grow, and it will be fun to show baby when he or she is older! My next post will be a bump-date, but for now I'll start with the story of how this all happened! :)

As you all know, Brian and I got married on 10.18.2013. We had discussed trying for a baby soon after the wedding, because 7 years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS and told that the chances of me getting preggo without hormone shots was very slim. We wanted to give it a shot though, so we set ourselves a 6 month time frame before we would seek help. So, we moved into our new house, I downloaded an app and started charting my basil body temperature and....

I knew it! I knew a week before we found out. I just felt...different. So, on the day that my period was "late" I decided "what the heck?" It the test was negative, oh well, try again! If it was positive, OMG!!! After work we bought a pregnancy test and I ran to the bathroom telling Brian to go ahead and start dinner and I would be out in a minute. Within 30 seconds of setting the pee stick on the counter I saw this:

My reaction? "HOLY CRAP! NO WAY!" I couldn't believe it! With my hands shaking I wrote a little note that said "Hi Daddy!" and ran the test out to Brian. He was totally shocked, but ecstatic and may have even teared up a little! ;) 

I called the very next morning and made my first prenatal appointment. They told me I would have an ultrasound, so I was so excited! Those two weeks waiting to go felt like forever, but when the day came and we saw our little blob on the screen and heard the heartbeat...oh, it was so worth the wait! I've never felt a heart so full of love for someone that I've never met!!!

We have another ultrasound in a couple of weeks, can't wait to see our little one again! Tiny baby Tibbetts is on their way!!!